Home » Sydney » HELLO WORLD! GOODBYE 2012!


We have finally reached the last day of 2012. What a year it has been, and how quickly time passes by. 2012 has truly been a memorable year in my life because I have ticked off a few things on my bucket list. Among them were:
February: hiked The Overland Trek in Tasmania
March: Travelled around Turkey with my mom
April: Purchased my first property in Australia
May: Ran my first marathon on the Great Ocean Road
June: Walked the Camino Santiago de Compostela (an ancient route covering 700kms)
September: Summited Mount Kerinci in Indonesia

Along the way, I have also made new acquaintances and cemented many old friendships with much thanks to FaceBook.

I have also ate many a fine meals, drank perhaps too many fine wines – which unfortunately I blame in being the contributing culprits to my constant struggle with body image!

The one thing that I have been interested in doing for a while was blogging and then it dawned on me that I should start to write a blog about my life. An on-line diary whereby I document snippets of my life so I can share my experiences and most importantly for me to reflect upon and to remember!

So welcome to my blog, cheers to new discoveries, new friendships and even an more memorable new year ahead! Bring on 2013!!

Here is a picture from my balcony – about 9 hours to go to the world’s most famous NYE Fireworks! Barricades are up, bag searches conducted and loads of people have been camping overnight for a good spot for tonight’s show.


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