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Leisurely Lunch @ Kepos Street Kitchen

Since my Blog is titled ‘Out For A Long Lunch’, it is only appropriate that I chat about my first lunch outing in 2013.

Today’s lunch was a salad at Kepos Street Kitchen (KSK), Redfern. Redfern?!! Yes, the infamous Redfern area notorious for drug addicts, drug raids, intoxicated and homeless sad souls, but hey, there is also the ‘Paris-end’ of Redfern, where expensive new developments (e.g. an ‘entry fee’ of a minimum of A$300,000 for a 1-bedder) have mushroomed up, chocking traffic and violating the ozone layer even further from the burning car fumes every weekends. This posh end is unofficially been dubbed ‘East Redfern’.

Well, KSK has become one of our canteens in the Eastern Suburbs since it opened probably 3 months ago. The site was previously occupied by ‘Strangers With Candy’, but the owner/ chef had relocated and moved to Berry (country New South Wales) where he has set up another joint called ‘Two Skinny Cooks’ with its own bio-dynamic organic farm. I have visited this new joint and found his offerings rather good, especially his pâté and the Ploughman’s lunch featuring cold cuts and the lots. I shall upload some pictures and write a few commentaries as fillers for my future posts.

Excuse my digression. Back to KSK. I ordered the ‘Wood smoked salmon salad with olives kipflers soft boiled egg za’atar’ ($18). I simply adored poached eggs and knew that smoked salmon will pair very nicely with a glass of cold crisp white wine that I intended to order. Today being a scorcher of 30 degrees in Sydney, I felt a pang of sympathy for my FB mates in Melbourne, their mercury hit 41degree! Wow! I’d be burnt to crisps there! Then I remembered that I have a training session in the afternoon. Sucks, so tap water instead. Boo..


Yes, do note the perfectly soft boiled egg with oozing orange just-about-done yolk, so delish! Perfectly cooked eggs be it poached, boiled, fried or scrambled is the distinction between a cook and a chef. And I have to mention that the owner/ chef here has worked in many award-winning restaurants. I will have to do some digging around and list his accolades in my future posts, but for now, I can only say that he worked in the Balmoral Bathers Pavilion prior to KSK.

How was the wood smoked salmon salad? It was good (of course) but also different. The difference was from kick and crunchiness from the za’atar, synonymous with many Middle-Eastern cuisine. The al-dente baby kipflers, crunchy sesame, salty olives together with the kick from dried herbs and the soft smoky salmon made it very filling combination. (Post Script: Even though light for the average diner but was a bit heavy for me, held me back from assaulting my bike in the gym later)

Oh, my companion diner had ‘Baked eggs (2) in tomato shashouka’ ($14)


The tomato shashouka (hope I got the spelling right) is something like the American’s chili con carne. Nice and bubbly baked eggs straight out of the oven!

Too simple and easily contented, thus setting up my bar for the Michelin starred restaurants in Tokyo I have booked to sample next month after my Tokyo Marathon.

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