Marathon on Stage

Today looks to be scorcher. The digital thermometer reads 25 degree as of now – 7:30am – and the pool downstairs is packed!

I’ve been off running for 3 weeks since I developed a metatarsal stress fracture. Since then, I had never trained harder – deep water running, stationary bike and elliptical – my ventricle vein has literally popped out! My aim was not to come dead-last in the Tokyo Marathon 2013 next month which is about 7 weeks away, but the true motivation is the Michelin-eat-athon that I have lined up for my Japanese trip. I have confirmed reservations for 8 top-notch restaurants including RyuGin, thus far! Let’s just say that I have to shed fat before I add on more.

Since today is Day 1 of the month-long Sydney Festival 2013 and that I have just received my new pair of Asics in half a size larger; half a size larger because I am hoping that it will solve the numbness on my toes. I decided that I should test out my shoes and walk to Hyde Park to catch some action.

I read that the launch of the Sydney Festival will be some guy called ‘Humphreys’ running a marathon on stage in Hyde Park. This, I have gotta see! How monotonous can running get? And seriously can any kudos be due to the curator and his creative team to come up with this cheesy idea? Anywaz, like I said, a good day to try out my new pairs of shoes.

—Time Lapsed—

I’m back! True to my word, it was a cheesy launch! But I had a fantastic time. In any case, the key to make any entertainment fun is ‘cheesiness’ and ‘tackines’!!

Water-fountain at Hyde Park – one of the most photographed tourist spot in Sydney

The festival started off slightly late at after 9:30am with the Marching Koala Band. The band was made up of school kids and they proceeded to march around the fountain a few times (maybe 3 or 4) with the mascot Koala, led by a woman symbolising the Greek Goddess, followed by the Athean Runners or ‘Haus da Humps’.

Australia’s Marching Koala Band


Marching Koala Band and 'Goddess'



Humps on Golden Chair

The guys were so BOSS! Kitted out in skin-tight shiny blue singlets and gold spandex shorts, headband, gold aviators galore – AH! The aerobics craze of the 80s are back! Bring it on!


Humps on stage – with his golden tits guards! Dressed to the part right down to his tits!

Before the ‘marathon’ starts, a bit of ceremony is in order. Smoke, fire and streamers de riguer. Funky disco dancing, upbeat music and even a Gang-nam Style flash mob! Jolly good! Am enjoying myself!


Humps finally begins his Fun Run

While running to the music spinned by his disc jockeys, the MC said that Humps is 29 years of age, weighs 89kg (what?) and the furthest run he has done is only 32km. And one of the rules is that Humps must stay on the treadmill at all times. Seriously dude, let’s see how you pan out. Right now, the sun is stinging me and I want to get cultured by ‘Alexander The Great’ at Australian Museum across the block. so check you out later.


Walking ATM – wish you were real! Heheh!

2 hours on, he is still running! Man, you are going to be so badly sun-burnt with the sorriest feet ever. I salute you, bro!


By now, I am hungry and decided to head home.

The lunch today was a bite at The Botanist. A glass of white ($11) and a plate of chips ($7). The aoli chips were good, the mayonaise was only so-so. But a nice place to chill-out. Over and out for now!


Snapshots of Sydney’s NYE 2012 Fireworks

Golden Hour View of the Bridge

Golden Hour View of the Bridge

Phew! What a night! The fireworks were grand. How cool is that to have one of the World’s Best Party right in front of my balcony! This year’s theme is ‘Embrace’ and the guest of honour to ring in the New Year is Kylie Minogue. With only 4 barges, 2 less from last year, the show was not as spectacular as last year’s nor was last year’s more spectacular than the year before. I mean, the economy is hurting (tipping on the ‘fiscal cliff’ and all) and who has the money to burn? Anyway, this year’s fireworks costs A$6.6M.


9pm Family Fireworks for the Kiddies. The blasts were not too loud, so litle kiddies won’t be scared


The 9pm Fireworks only lasted less than 10minutes… so dissapointed as I was just getting excited… Well, at least I can watch the lit-up boats cruising around to keep the festivities going…




Some light shows to keep us entertained…

Bridge in white…


Bridge in magenta…


Bridge in blue…


Clock strikes 12! Fun begins again! YAY!



The show could only last 12 minutes. As they say, all good things got to come to an end, and so pssfftt in smoke…


PS: Excuse my horrid WordPressing skills. It took me a long time to figure out how to post my photos from my computer and I have yet to learn how to use the widgets to spruce up my site. I reckon I need an IT crew to help me out here… Do bear with me while I am still navigating my way. Cheers!