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Perfect Summer Salad

Another super hot day! Although, it didn’t hit 45C like the other day, but boy, it was still a scorcher!

Salads are always the best choice for a light summer fare – light enough to fill up but not as heavy to induce a coma afterwards. I had a wonderful entree lunch of ‘warm ocean trout with quail eggs and kipfler potatoes’ at North Sydney Harbourview Hotel.


The ocean trout came lightly seared and served with fresh dills and tarragons. In my opinion, dills, tarragons and ocean trout make the perfect combo. The salad was lightly seasoned in fresh lemon juice resting on a bed of crisp kipfler potatoes wedges. I thought about ordering chips with my meal, but a couple of these potatoes really made my day (minus the extra calories). The quail eggs dressed with 2 types of fish roes not only please the eye, but lift my palate with its fishy saltiness.

Did I mention that this hotel has one big secret – it has some serious breathe-taking water views without the price tag! The NYE fireworks must be spectacular from the hotel.


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