Ferrython on Australia Day 2013

It’s 26th January today – and Happy Australia Day peeps!!  One of the activities that I look forward to is the Ferrython.  If you have ever watched a Sydney ferry speeding across the Harbour, it’s because they are in training for the Ferrython (as in perpetually)!  It only takes about 7 minutes from Milsons Point to Circular Quay – Godspeed, methinks!  (And accidents do happen, be warned!)

Eventhough the race starts at 11am, the harbour was abuzz with acitivities since early morning with helicopters hovering above securing the area.  The ferries race from Circular Quay to Shark island then back to the finishing post under the Harbour Bridge.


10:30am – Harbour is buzzing!


This is what a Sydney Ferry looks like if you’ve not been to Sydney

It was an ideal day to be out at the foreshore – sunny and hot.


Ferries and entourage of boats, sailboats, helicopter heading to Milsons Point


Sydney Harbour Patrol Boat with water display- ‘Get Out of the way!’

Wow!  What a sight!  What a speed!  (I even saw a couple kayaking in the turbulent water – talk about dare-devils or workout fanatics?!)


Looks like the Red Ferry is leading


Check out Koala Blue! Dig that!


Red Ferry is definitely leading


Full speed ahead – bite the dust man!

There are also a prize for the best dressed boat. I guess this one looks good


Entourage with colourful flags

Yup, cocky little red Honda is the winner!



Another thing of note is that one of the world’s favourite fast-food chain, McDonald’s is changing their signage to ‘Macca’s’ – our Aussie nickname for McDonald’s – in some selected stores around the country for our Australia Day campagin.   The company is also submiting to Macquarie Dictionary to recognise ‘Macca’ in their dictionary.

Mango Passionfruit Pavlova McFlurry from Macca’s – how  Aussie can you get – besides the shrimps on the barbie and sausage sizzles??  G’Day mates!


Macca’s Pavlova McFlurry