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Biota Dining

Date of Visit: August 5, 2012

Biota Dining has to be one of my most memorable meal of 2012. Thanks to my FB page, where I had posted some pictures and notes, I still have the sweet memories to share in my blog.

In the days of yore, before the petrol price rocketed sky-high, my family would often go for long country drives. Nevertheless, last August, when my mom got her hot new European SUV, so we decided to take the car out for a spin. I had read the rave reviews on Biota Dinning, so booked a table online.

The drive from Sydney to Bowral took around 2 hours.

We got a bit of a ‘fright’ when mom pulled up into the parking lot in front of a motel and asked, ‘Are we dining in a motel?’. I hoped not, but hopped off the car to check the situation (I was a bit worried, because I have had made a few bad dining recommendations before). To my relief, 2 country-gentlemen came out from another walkway and said to me, ‘This is the best restaurant in Bowral!”. Phew! What a relief!

We were the first to arrive at 12 noon. A lot of reviewers referred the decor as ‘Scandi-chic’, but I thought ‘Bondi-chic’ – well, never mind, both tastes rely heavily on natural wood, white washes, striped cushions in a somewhat large bare-minimalist room. I think the ‘naked’ light-bulbs for lightning looked fun though.


Main dining room


The kitchen ‘theatre’


The ‘Bar’ with a huge branch and tin bucket for cooling wines – pretty rustic

Quirky touches everywhere… on the wall


Quirky chicks

…on the table…


Egg shell resting on hay – deco only – do not eat!

Righto! To the food…Amuse Bouche and the customary bread and butter…


Amuse Bouche: Salmon jerky impaled by thin rod in Himalayan salt


Whole meal damper – butter served on stone, nice touch



Pulled beef with beet root


Picturesque Scallop with celeriac purée, zucchini and peas


Duck egg on smoked puffed rice (a must-try)



Lamb rump


Pork neck painted in ash! So this is what the New York foodies are raving about ‘food with ash’!

Our Wine


New wine discovery from Canberra – it has a good hint of pepper!



Chocolate (Before)


Chocolate (After)

Tea with Petit Fours


Tea with Petit Fours

Just checking out the rest of the place..


Informal dining area where they serve tapas and lighter plates


Chill-out lounge with fire place (view 1)


Chill-out lounge with fire place (view 2)


Outdoor terrace with a real stove to make pizza (for summer)


More outdoor sitting


The garden with the famous resident geese

On the way home, we detoured to the tourist drive to check out the view of Bowral… Biota Dining was simply awesome and we will definitely be back!


View of Bowral

Biota Dining on Urbanspoon

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