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Mandarin Grill @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Date of Visit: February 6 2013

Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a 5-star hotel right next to Petronas Twin Towers. It achieves a high occupancy rate due to the patronage from the oil &gas companies and also government bodies. The in-house restaurants are very dependable and rates high in the finer dining establishments in KL. There’s a Chinese restaurant (famous for quality moon cakes during the Chinese mid-autumn festival), a casual Cafe for all-day dining and buffet meals, a Lounge overlooking the KLCC park for high tea and drinks and a fine dining restaurant – the Mandarin Grill.

Today’s lunch is at Mandarin Grill. It has been recently renovated and I am loving the decor – with the wire and paper stag heads?


Kitschy to say the least, but if you can’t find the real deal; interpretive replicas works fine too.


What the interior decor looks like… The lights are made from silvery paper and glass beads.


Booth seatings



The open kitchen concept is very popular, but I don’t like it particularly if the ventilation is not done well. Who wants to smell of food the whole day long? Here, I think the design solution is perfect, red feature wall with windows for a glimpse of what’s going on the kitchen – and also a fake fireplace to jazz the ambience (the warm glows would work well the evening)


Glass-enclosed wine cellar. Bar in on the other side


Decided in the business set lunch


Bread arrives for our table

Straight out of the oven, warm and baked in-house. Yums!


What’s fantastic about dining out with companions is that I can take snapshots of the samples of food ordered for my blog!


Beef Carpaccio
Looks good and the comments were ‘very good…excellent!’

Leek Velouté (my order)
This is basically a leek soup with smoked salmon and a generous dash of manchego cheese. The black pepper was my doings as I like black pepper (lots) with my soups. I ordered the soup because of my fond memories of the cheese from my month-long hike on the Camino de Santiago last year. Manchego cheese is basically an aged whole sheep’s milk cheese. I enjoyed my smooth creamy soup very much.



Duck Leg Confit
The small duck confit looks dry and a bit overcooked, but my source said that it was good.


Atlantic Cod Brandade (my order)
Much like eating baby food. I dunk my roll in it since I like to chew. I only realised now while writing up this post that the ‘mash’ were ‘sweet corn purée’. Well, broccoli is not a real winter veg, or is it?



Bourbon Vanilla Fruit Salad (my order)
Not sure whether any alcohol in it, but it looks more an amuse bouche than a proper dessert course. Not sure about the old-fashioned ‘shrimp cocktail’ glass either. Check out the shovel-spoon!

Earl Grey Milk Dome
As usual, my dessert screams POSH! My chocolate dome cake came dusted with gold flecks and gold leaves!


The 3-layer chocolate cake. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it!


Petit Fours
Lastly, the petit fours arrived signalling the end of lunch…

Mandarin Grill also cooks some mean steaks, thus the namesake ‘Mandarin Grill’. I had tried it and it was very nicely cooked except the cut was not as thick as steaks in Sydney.

Sample of steak section of the menu

PS: The photos in this post were taken by my new Samsung Galaxy Note. I’m still learning how to operate this new device – the photo editing functions running in the ads were awesome, but I can’t do them just yet. It’s also annoying that I kept getting missed calls because I am not familiar with my ring tone just yet!

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