Asian Gym Etiquette…Correct Use of Hair Dryer

With less than 2 weeks to go before the Tokyo Marathon 2013, I am feeling down, a bit depressed actually… my foot is still sore… how am I even to wing the mara??  Urgh, I dragged my sorry arse to the gym this morning to ‘run’ on the elliptical nevertheless… At least I can report back to my coach that I’m keeping my ‘fitness high’!

Anywaz, this notice kills me!


“This is not a butt dryer, not a toes dryer and certainly not a cloth dryer.  So be considerate, use hair dryer for hair on your head only.”


Anyway, I did see a cleaner in the gym in Kuala Lumpur drying her feet with the hair dryer, so it might be an’ Asian- thing’… guess I either have to stop washing my hair at the gym or bring my own hair dryer!