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Kosher in Hong Kong…Main St Deli @Langham Hotel, TST

Date of Visit: February 10, 2013

Nothing much happening on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year. So mom and I went for the early morning show at The One, TST. (Rumour has it that the building was dedicated to the developer-tycoon’s undying love for an HK actress – tacky…but romantic, don’t you think? I don’t mind having a building dedicated to me!) Goss aside the cinema tickets in Hong Kong are SO darn cheap compared to Sydney, only HK$45 – that’s roughly AUD5.60!! (If you are over 65 and have a senior’s card, you pay only HK$10 for the early morning show – like AUD1.25!)

The movie was ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ starring Bruce Willis. Gotta say, it takes a pro to work an action-movie, whereas the younger chap playing his son seems to be unsure of his moves. Although it’s an action movie, the crux of the story is the strong bond of family unity which strikes the chord with the spirit of Chinese New Year i.e family unity and respect for the elders. I thoroughly enjoyed the show with all the death-defying actions, a tall-tale with the actors suffering not a single broken bone!

After the show, mom and I thought of going to Tsui Wah, a Chinese fast-food chain some noodles. But man, the queues were so long – like snakes!! Too funny…off we went to Main St Deli at Langham Hotel, TST


Apparently, Main St Deli is Hong Kong’s first authentic New York style deli. It is located in the basement of Langham Hotel, TST.

As soon as we were seated by the super-fast and efficient waiter, a bowl of fat gherkins and pickled coleslaw quickly appeared.

The pickles were the largest I’ve seen outside the States…very appetising, not salty at all…

Giant gherkins (complimentary)

Giant gherkins (complimentary)

There’s a certain ‘Chineseness’ to the pickled cabbage. Looks like what you get in Chinese restaurants, except there is no chilli and sesame seeds, only cabbage and carrots…

Pickled cabbage (complimentary)

Pickled cabbage (complimentary)

The menu offered a lot of choices for homesick New Yorkers – Reuben sandwiches, bagels, salads, burgers, pizza, and even chicken soup with matzoh balls!  I was suprised to see kosher salami on the menu.  Well, I know where to get Kosher food in HK now!  The desserts were serious stuffs too – shakes, cheesecakes, cookies, pie!

We were thinking of soup and salad/ sandwich combo, but thought against it since we didn’t like the soup choices. I thought of getting the ‘One foot dog’, but having had it before, it’s name was misleading – the bun was long, but the sausage was puny. We ordered salads instead.

American menu

Check out the Combo Deals: Soup with either a half-sandwich or half-salad. HK$288. Auspicious digits-88, all the prices end with a digit-8!

I really like the ‘New York art-deco meeting Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng (tea food hall) interior’.  Langham Hotels is tasteful in design and pay close attention to detailing unlike other 5/6-star hotels whereby predominantly timber veneer and expensive marbles/ granites in beige, browns, whites and blacks are used!  Langham Hotels also have art installations that changes regularly in their hotel lobbies.


Especially like the crystal lights. Really jazz up the place. And note the detail on the ceiling using tiles!


Interior of deli, food available for take-away as well


Another angle…


The vinyl booth-seat, padded walls, tiled mosaic floor. The vinyl seats uses 2 different swatches



Art deco-ish lights

Checking out the place can be exhausting.  Lucky food arrived promptly…

Nova Scotia Salmon ‘Lox’ Platter HK$158 (for half HK$92)
The salmon were very good and fresh.  It was a big serving and came with shaved red onion and cream cheese.  Only complaint was the dry cream cheese.


Salmon platter

Deli Chef Salad HK$158 (for half HK$92)
This salad rocks.  It has roast prime beef, chicken, tongue, cheddar cheese, boiled egg and avo.  The tongue was especially good.  Serving was big too.


Chef’s salad

I’m bailing out of Dan Ryan’s, Main St Deli is my new ‘canteen’ from now on.  Did I mention that I get extra 15% for the Langham Supper card?


Shop front

By the way, Jews take food prep very seriously…meat and diary never mix


Coffe machine unavailabe for use:
11:30am – 1pm Daily
4:30pm – 6pm Fridays

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