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Another Bowl of Noodles Please…@Olala, Wanchai

Date of Visit: February 15 2013

After yesterday’s most uninspiring ramen experience (here), mom took me to Olala near Admiralty. This is dubbed ‘Hong Kong’s most expensive noodles place’ with a bowl of noodles costing a whopping HK$150!  To give you a bit of perspective via Big Mac Index, a Big Mac Extra Value Meal here costs a mere HK$21.

This noodles joint is in a tight corner-shop sitting around 16 people with double celing height and adorned with some unremarkable BW pictures.  Apparently this restaurant is also included in the Hong Kong and Macau Michelin Guide!


The Chinese calligraphy hanging over the wall says ‘ One Bowl of Noodles’, which is also the shop’s Chinese name

Pickled Salted Shanghainese Vegetables (Complimentary)
Smackingly good!


Preserved Veg

Smoked Eggs HK$20
These are perfect smoked eggs in Shanghainese vinegared soy sauce with coargulating egg yolks. I must say the soy sauce is of premium quality as it left no briney aftertaste.


Smoked Eggs

Beef Noodles Soup
This bowl of beef noodles soup brought me back to my childhood days where my gran took my brother and I to the Shanghainese ‘cha cha’an teng’ in Tsim Sha Tsui. These old Shanghainese noodles places are long-gone. But I remembered the tender soft beef brisket and springy noddles. Here, I was given a huge bowl of noodles in rich beef broth, 6 huge chunks of beef briskets and baby bak choy.  The soup was simply too delicious to not drink up. Although tea was offered I didn’t touch them and felt the guilty pleasure of a tummy full of beef broth when I left the shop.  Haha!


Beef Noodles Soup

Fish Noodles Soup
Wow! The next time I’m back, I will order this. Mom gave me a taste of the broth. It was tantalizingly sweet from the fish-head and chicken stock (not MSG, mind you) coupled with the pickled vegetables, very reminiscent of our home-cooked fish-head soup (another piece of ancient history).


Fish Noodles Soup

Check out the noodles – thick and chewy with a spring in each bite!


Spring in my mouth!

Will I be back?  Most defo!

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