Royal Banquet… what else but in Chocolate? @ Harbour City, Hong Kong

As I enter the exhibition gallery, the sweet aroma of dark chocolate permeates the air. What I see before me is the sumptious feast for a King, richly decorated and detailed, all made laboriously yet lovingly by hand.

The Royal Banquet of Versailles By
World renowned chocolate artist Master Chocolatier Sculptor WACS Global Master Chef Culinary Olympics Winner
Gerhard Petzl

Leica 2013 631

A Feast to the Eye: All made in Chocolates, inclduding the huge table probably weighting a ton!

Leica 2013 612

Plump juicy grapes

Leica 2013 611

Fruit Stand

Leica 2013 614

Place setting: Cutlery and napkin

Leica 2013 616


Leica 2013 615

Marveling at the realism of the bananas!

Leica 2013 613

Table ornaments

Leica 2013 619

The entire table is made out of chocolate – note the careful detailing of the knots and rope

Leica 2013 620

Even the bread look real!

Flickering lights of the candles. Zoom in close – you can even see the wax dripping off the candles!

Leica 2013 623


Leica 2013 621

More intricate detailing of the cake stand and cover

Leica 2013 624

Center-piece of the table

Do check out Gerhard’s other works here

I look forward to the annual Chocolate Exhibition as part of the Chocolate Trail fest every year. Each year, the theme is different and the previous year was cultural heritage where heritage monuments were represented in chocolates by a different chocolatier..