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Leonardo’s Marvellous Inventions Exhibition

Date of Visit: January 5 2010.

Following my post yesterday on Sultans of Science exhibition in Kuala Lumpur (here),  and the current new TV series ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’, I recalled an exhibition on all of Leonardo Da Vinci’s marvellous inventions and works, at Hong Kong Science Museum a few years back. The exhibition had all the replicas of models, books and paintings by Leonardo.  It was a very popular exhibition because the museum was very crowded with people from all ages.  Eventhough there were many ‘No Touch!’ signs, but people still touched the exhibits!  Urgh!

Here are some of the photos.


FLIGHT: Flapping wings, Air screw which the precursor for the helicopter


WATER: Leornardo designed the first anatomically correct robot which jaws moved, life buoy, water ski, underwater breathing apparatus


MILITARY MIGHT: Naval canon, Ground reaper

3 thoughts on “Leonardo’s Marvellous Inventions Exhibition

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  2. This looks somewhat similar to the one I visited in the Singapore Science Museum few year back. Who says war cannot be a prodigy for art & science.

  3. Not sure how historically correct ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ is, but Leonardo used his artistic portraiture skills to get acquainted to an Italian nobleman via his mistress so he could show him his ideas for military machines. He is foremost an engineer. I’m not suprised that you have seen this exhibition in Singapore since the exhibition had travelled all the way from Italy, might as well show in Singapore to make the journey worth its while!

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