Sydney Brick Show 2013

Date of Visit: April 23 2013

Entry Fee: A$10 + A$2 processing fee. (I bought my tix at the door. It was a sold-out event over the internet)
Verdict: 2 stars out of 5
Time taken: 20 minutes

Coinciding with David Jones 48 Hours Frenzy Sale, I dropped by at David Jones, Castlecragh Street today to check out the 2013 edition of Sydney Brick Show. I could hear the children’s chatters of joy on the 7th floor from where I was on the 3rd floor – noise travels especially if there is an atrium for the escalators. Since I am an Adult Lego Fan, I had to go see. I was a wee bit disappointed because it was rather amateurish after what I accustomed to; e.g ‘The Art of Bricks’ by Nathan Sawaya and Hong Kong Lego Exhibition. The electrical choo-choo trains added a nice touch, but still… Nevertheless I think with part of the money going to charity, it was all for a good cause.

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