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High-end Pizza Joint @Spasso Milano, Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Dates of Visits: Multiple times since 2012

Hey, hey, hey!!   I dropped by KL recently  and did my customary call at one of my regular dining joints there.  I have very simple criteria when it comes to choosing a restaurant to dine.  No food smell, an easy menu to navigate, comfortable seats and a bit of peace and quiet so I can chat and relax with my dining companions. After trying out most of the eateries in Pavilion Mall, KLCC, my hang-out joint is most definitely Spasso Milano, an Italian restaurant on the top floor of Pavilion Mall. I have been there so many times, I practically know the menu by memory now!

Spasso’s open restaurant concept is perfect for people watching too!  I must say I saw a few interesting characters walking pass.




Italian house wines are regularly rotated, so one will not get tired with the same quaff. Reasonably priced at RM28 per glass or RM148 – 168 per bottle depending on the vino on promotion.  I recognise 2 ladies who very regularly pop in for drinks at the bar. I must say that Spasso is a civilised drinking hole for regulars too, unlike the smoky rowdy pubs and bars at ‘The Connection’ (outdoor area next to Pavilion Mall)


Presenting…tipple of the day

Let’s kick off with my recommendations with some choice starters

Salad Caprese
A pretty plate of fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, rocket dressed in balsamic, plump firm tomatoes and 2 bites of pickled artichoke decorated with olive tapenade. The serving is rather large, so it could be a meal in itself.


Salad Caprese

Pan-fried in butter with mock salad (shredded carrots, cherry tomato and a veg leaf). Delice!



Must order… Pizzas 

With an open fire oven, the made-to-order pizzas can go no wrong. Perfectly thin base with crispy edges, makes Pizza Hut run for its money!




Parma Ham and Cheese

Grilled Meats for the Carnivores

Protein for serious chows. 


Plain Steak


Beef Rossini topped with goose liver and black truffles



Avoid at all costs…Pastas


A burnt and soupy dish from the microwave?  Heck! My microwaved lasagna is 10 times better!



Pork Valdostana – pork escalope with Ham and Fontina cheese. The accompanying fusili pastas were hard and not cooked properly.  Could the culprit be some teenage punk apprenticing in the kitchen?


Another sad  ‘TV meal’ which can be given a miss…



Lunch Menu

The express lunch menu starts from an economical price of RM24.80. This includes:

*One drink (juice or soda),
*Visits to the Salad Bar (choose from 2 soups, breads, greens, grilled vegs on offer),
*One Main Course (choose one from pasta, pizza or grilled meats),
*More visits to the Dessert Bar for gelato and cakes.
*Coffee/tea (optional with additional costs)

I suggest you come early because I don’t think the salad bar is refilled.  The gelatos are terrific choice to finish off the meal, leaving a sweet smile when one heads back to the office!


Chicken Piccata, which is pan-fried chicken fillet with egg and parmesan. Oh dear, so bad, that it’s rendered quite inedible!

Nevertheless, with the hits and misses, Spasso Milano is still my top recommendation in Pavilion Mall.  So, Salute! Let’s call this a wrap. I highly recommend their awesome PIZZAS with a glass (or a bottle) of wine!


Pic of the quirky shop front which has slots for empty wine bottles in the wall

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