China-Hip @ Chynna, Hilton Hotel Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Date of Visit: May 3 2013

Today I was invited to a business lunch at Chynna Restaurant at Hilton Hotel in Sentral.  It has been a good few years since I last went to Hilton and an opportunity to trek out of KLCC is always welcomed!

Hilton Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel are 2 of most secure hotels in KL. Both hotels are located on top of the Sentral Station which is the mid-way between the airport and downtown KL, thus rendering them a terrorist target.  As such, all vehicles entering the premises at Sentral have to undergo a metal detector sweep to ensure that there is no concealed bomb in the car.

We caught a taxi there from KLCC.  If you are new to KL, do remember to always ask the taxi driver whether they are using the meter to charge fare, otherwise negotiate the fare first. It is against the law to not use the meter but hey, laws are made to be broken, right?  And my pet hate in KL is riding in taxis.  I was charged $25 for the journey which is not far off the mark from my return leg which is $22 by the meter.

We had the private room and with consultation with Chef Lam, we had a tailor-made menu especially for us.  How lucky, eh?  Or let’s say, it’s good to know people in high places!


Narumi bone china place plates – yes, I flipped over the plates to check the manufacturer

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