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China-Hip @ Chynna, Hilton Hotel Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Date of Visit: May 3 2013

Today I was invited to a business lunch at Chynna Restaurant at Hilton Hotel in Sentral.  It has been a good few years since I last went to Hilton and an opportunity to trek out of KLCC is always welcomed!

Hilton Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel are 2 of most secure hotels in KL. Both hotels are located on top of the Sentral Station which is the mid-way between the airport and downtown KL, thus rendering them a terrorist target.  As such, all vehicles entering the premises at Sentral have to undergo a metal detector sweep to ensure that there is no concealed bomb in the car.

We caught a taxi there from KLCC.  If you are new to KL, do remember to always ask the taxi driver whether they are using the meter to charge fare, otherwise negotiate the fare first. It is against the law to not use the meter but hey, laws are made to be broken, right?  And my pet hate in KL is riding in taxis.  I was charged $25 for the journey which is not far off the mark from my return leg which is $22 by the meter.

We had the private room and with consultation with Chef Lam, we had a tailor-made menu especially for us.  How lucky, eh?  Or let’s say, it’s good to know people in high places!


Narumi bone china place plates – yes, I flipped over the plates to check the manufacturer


The Spinach soup with mushrooms packed a punch. Popeye would be over the moon. Chef Lam explained that he had blanched the spinach then put them in iced water to retain the green colour and the nutritions.  He then blended the vegetables in the blender together with some vegetable stock that he had cooked for 10 hours.  The effort paid off with in the form of a creamy and velvety smooth soup with lots of chlorophyll.  Say, who’s going to be as strong and as healthy as Popeye?


At least 400g of Spinach went into this bow of Spinach Soup


A superbly tender roasted chicken in garlic butter with paper-thin crispy skin that makes the Nori sheet cry foul!  Not forgetting to mention the roasted chicken’s accomplice , the  fragrant freshly minced ginger sauce.  The combo partnered so well that it’s a a crime not to ask for a second helping!


Roasted Chicken artfully plated

Lamb Chop

Chef Lam described this as Wagyu Lamb.  Wagyu lamb?  Never heard of it until today, as usual good to learn something new.  Yes, nom, nom, nom, the ‘wagyu’ was fatty, very tender and juicy.  I loved the cucumber that went with it as it gave a refreshing bite after the savoury meat.  What do you say about the presentation?  Very ‘westernised’, yo?


Wagyu Lamb Chop


Chef Lam explained that he first steamed the fish then put it in the claypot to cook.  When the waiter brought out the fish in the claypot, we went ‘wow’, then ‘oops… would it be enough for a table of 8 to share?’.  Haha.. after what seemed like ‘eternal’ in ‘waiting-for-food-speak’, the waiter brought out the apportioned plates to us.


Claypot Fish on Leeks


This is one FAT MAMA!  Call me ignorant, but this is my first encounter with such big asparagus!


Fat, big crunchy asparagus topped with fragrant garlic

Fried Noodles

Call me a hill-billy, but I’ve never tried fried noodles with fish before.   Chef Lam very cleverly concorted a  fish and chicken noodles for us.  Chicken, fish, fish floss,bean sprouts and leeks cooked with sesame oil from Penang and his special aged soy sauce from Ipoh giving ‘oomph’ to his textural and springy noodles which I thoroughly enjoyed



The coconut ice-cream is to die for.  There are bits of shredded coconuts in it and it’s very gelato-ish in texture.  I literally cleaned the plate!  Another departure from the boring old dollop of ice-cream in the traditional Chinese resto abound.


Home-made coconut ice-cream in pureed pumpkin and topped with roasted pistachios.

It was undoubtedly a fantastic lunch.  Clever creations and creative platings made the dining experience at Chynna so China-hip.  And how often do you get the pleasure of the chef coming out of his busy kitchen to explain his cooking and give you cooking tips?



Some quirky touches, eg the yin-yang carpet motifs.

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