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A Rodeo Machine to Get Fit?? LOL

Oww… I woke up this morning with every single part of my body aching.  Yesterday, I spent a good 12 hours 4-wheel driving in the rotten off-beat track.  It was fun, but gosh, so much rattling, shaking and  rocking.  I was like the bobbin head doll, my jaws felt like dropping off!  Anyway, that reminded me of the saddle-rocking exerciser that was very popular back in the early 2000s.  Osim iGallop exercise machine, anyone?

IGallop Exerciser

IGallop Exerciser

Click on the link (here) to jostle your memory.  I was living in Hong Kong back then and every few minutes the ‘wild wild west’ advertisement of girls with sexy butts will air on TV to drive you nuts.  (yeah, in Asia, particularly Hong Kong, the ladies go to the extremes to ‘keep fit’ without dong any exercises.   A good friend of mine spent HK$100,000 just to lose her post-baby weight gain.  Besides going on a very restrictive low-calorie diet and she had to check-in at the slimming salon to undergo the muscle stimulator machine everyday!)

So what is iGallop?  It’s a zero-impact, tri-axial riding action machine, mimicking  the actions of a wild horse in the rodeo.  It is supposed to work your abs, hips, butt and thighs.  As the saddle moves in different directions, certain core muscles are hopefully  stimulated to keep you from landing on your head.  Like all exercise gadgets, I don’t believe they work. Heck, if they do work, where are they now?

One thought on “A Rodeo Machine to Get Fit?? LOL

  1. Lol, I remember when it first came out, it received so much publicity thanks to Dee Su,the famous tv host. Personally, I think aerobics is a better fit for staying fit and healthy. But, personally I don’t have to even try, it’s harder for me to put on weight than climbing a cliff. Really? HK100,000 ? That is beyond outrageous madness.

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