Names Can Be So Misleading @ Bistecca Bistro, Sibu

YAY!  After 3 weeks, I finally got a TV installed and a functioning internet at home.  I am easing into Sibu and getting used to the scorching midday heat and thundery afternoon showers. I am actually feeling quite at home now, which is good news since I will be calling Sibu/ Malaysia home for the next 2 years at the very least.

Without wasting time, I have started on the look-out for new places and food to eat.   Call me lucky, the dig I am currently living is located in the vicinity of a rather ‘happening place’.  There are  numerous eateries and bars within the area for me to happily check out.

I chanced upon Bistecca Bistro one rainy night.  It is a smart restaurant within a row of shophouses.  Since it was packed and the sign board read ” Italian Steak Wine Bar”, I decided to test it out.  Interestingly, what were on the menu look nothing Italian to me, save for the spaghetti dishes under the ‘Pasta’ column.   The menu listed an array of western options consisting of sandwiches, burgers, grilled meats and would you expect – fried rice!

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