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A Fine Thai Meal @Celadon, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Date of Visit: June 9 2013

Thai food is undisputably one of the most popular cuisine in the World, yet I am impartial to it. I guess it’s an acquired taste being so pungent, tasty, spicy and sweet. I remember my trip to Bangkok several years ago, I could not help but felt misled by people raving to me how great Thai fare is and in particular their street food. As I was on a healthful Protein Power diet, the dark oily fried foods did not appeal to me and I did not know what to order from the cornucopia of food besides the obligatory Pad Thai and Beef Salad. Needless to say, my trip to Bangkok was quite a disappointment culinary-wise.

I have walked past Celadon countless times and noticed it’s black and white picture of Marilyn Monroe. It is on the top floor of Pavilion Mall where all the fine restaurants are. It was not until I learnt from an acquaintance that the restaurant is operated by the father of a Chinese Michelin 1-star restaurant in Mayfair, UK famous for the world’s most expensive bowl of Buddha-Jumps-Over-The-Wall at £108, that I made a point to dine in there one day.

My on-line search for reviews on the restaurant came up with a perfume blog and the explanation of Celadon as a fine ceramic ware.   In any regards, Celadon was a fantastic discovery to me. I love the the posh interior with a large chandelier, fresh floral arrangement and parquet flooring evoking the French-Siamese feel.   Even the chairs are designer chairs from Phillipe Starke and Carl Hansen. I love the use of coloured cushions to jazz up the space, but couldn’t help associating it with a Jim Thompson shop.  I noticed the wines on display and no doubt the wine list is impressive, but no wine for tonight…



To start: Ice Blended Coconut Juice. I was dittering between fresh coconut in the real coconut fruit and the ice-blended impersonator, but in the end decided on the ice-blended drink in order to accomodate the lack of space on the table and also to be ‘adventurous’. The milky drink turned out to be fresh coconut frappe complete with the flesh. Very delicious and oh so sweet!


The complimentary fish skins skinned-off whole fishes, were crunchy and my mom really liked it.


With 2 very knowledgeable guides on Thai cuisine, our table of 5 are in safe hands. Let’s kick off with what we had!

Thai Green Chicken Curry: This is certainly a tasty aromatic curry with a lot of heat, going well with the free-refills of white rice. I especially liked the baby eggplants.


Beef in Sizzling Hot Plate: Really, really reminded me of the Cantonese-Western joint near Southorn Playground at Johnston Road, Wanchai where my mates and I will go for our year-end sizzling beef steak. What more can I say, except tender pieces of beef and reminding me to FB poke my friends?


Bean sprouts with salted fish: One of my favourite dish is salted fish with tofu rice, and I can say that Celadon does not skimp on the salted fish, given how expensive it has became.


Kai-Lan with deep-fried minced garlic: I guess this is a must-order at every table since we all need to have some greens in our diet to keep healthy.


BBQ Chicken in pandanus leaves: Don’t let the charred appearance mislead you, the chicken pieces were very juicy! Yet again, a must-order in any Thai resto and more so in Celadon, I suppose…


Sweet and Sour Fish: It arrived ceremoniously on an aluminium hot plate with lighted candles at the bottom to keep the fleshy fish and its mouth-puckering broth hot and bubbling. WOW! The broth likens to a tarty Tom Yum consommé – exploding with sour and sweetness almost at once! I’m recommending this dish too! (Notice too, the Pineapple rice at the background…it’s good too, if you want to add more carbo in you already carbo-rich meal)


Water chestnut and jackfruit:  Strips of jackfruits, coconut and water chestnut in jelly in coconut milk and ice.  Each ordered one and no sharing indeed!


Sticky rice with mango and ice-cream:  A no-brainer and must-order for the table.  Salty rice with sweet ice-cream and tarty mango.  What’s not yum about it?


Was the meal expensive? It came up to RM350 which included tips. “Not too expensive”,commented my fellow diner, “I was expecting RM500!”.  Nevertheless, dining Thai once-in-a-while is alright and I know where to go and what to order now!

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