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On Beating Haze and My Blurry Vision

How was your week, dudes and dudettes?


June 23rd 2013 @ 7:20pm: The closest the red burning moon is to the earth for the year.

Most of you have would have heard of the awful haze blanketing Singapore and Malaysia since last week.  These were the effects of open field burnings for clearing agricultural lands in Indonesia, a yearly phenomenon. The air pollution index reached hazardous in Singapore and some parts of Malaysia that schools were closed.  I stayed indoors over the weekend and thought I would do some blogging, but the heat and the smog got the better of me.  Instead, I was rotating between sleeping on my couch and on my bed, the more I lazed around the more tired I got.  I also managed to surf the net while lounging on my sofa – I was reading a dude’s blog on on-line dating, aptly called ’28 dates’.  His quest was to find his Miss Perfect in 28 dates…  Good luck Willard!  (If you ever come to Malaysia, I’ll go on a date with you!)

And so, Monday rolled around and although the haze has improved a little bit, I am still feeling extremely lethargic today, with a puffy face and blurry eyes.  I am even smelling of a BBQ!  (Talk of a non-smoker getting lung cancer!  How under-rated!)

With the heat, the smog and irritated eyes, what could be worst than that?

I broke one of my Ortho-K contact lenses!  (The left one)  Drats!

How did that happen?  I don’t know.  When I took it out of my case and it was already broken in half.  Now, where can I get a replacement in Malaysia, let alone in The Boo?  I thought about asking my optometrist to send me  a replacement from Sydney but then again, my eyes are to due be rechecked – besides,  Ortho-K contact lenses don’t come cheap – at about AUD700 a pair.

So, what’s ‘ortho-k’?  It’s  also known as Orthokeratology to treat far-sightedness, astigmatism, and age-related loss of close vision, but it was first developed to correct myopia.  I wear my lenses to sleep and remove them the next morning.  My vision remains clear the next day, no need for specs and perfect for sporting – no need to worry about sand getting into my eyes or losing my lenses in the middle of a game.

While not guaranteeing a perfect 20/20 vision, I’m still thrilled that it was effective on me – a candidate in her 30s with far-sighted, near-sighted (myopic), and even astigmatism!  It took some time to get the focus right in the beginning as I was under wearing it, then over wearing it.  The optimal shuteye time I found out later for me, is 7 hours.

Back to the present, now what?  

Well, since vision in both my eyes are around the same degree, (except probably the radial circumsphere of tbe eyeball differing), I  decided to wing it by rotating the wear of the lense on each eye until I go back to Sydney end of July for a proper check-up.   Sure, my vision may be impaired the next day if I discontinue wear for one night, with headaches ensuing, but I’m used to it.  (*Tough it out*)

As for the heat, how do I keep my cool?  Stay indoors and eat ice-potongs, dudes!


Ice-potongs – a traditional Malaysian popsicle, literally meaning ‘cut ice’

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