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Revisit @ Liberty Private Works, Hong Kong

Date of Visit: June 4 2013

A splendid meal back in February at Liberty Private Works (my review here) and hearing more positive feedbacks from friends who went there on my recommendation prompted a revisit. Seeing familiar faces working on the night is a testament to the restaurant that they are able to retain quality staff for long periods of time. The familiarity in turn immediately brought a sense of ease as we climbed onto our high stools at the bar.


After being seated, we were given a test tube and a ‘tablet’. I know from my experience at Takazawa (my review here), that I have to pour this cold liquid over the ‘tablet’ which soon unravelled itself to be a towelette. It was very thoughtful of the restaurant to refresh us with the cold refreshing towelete smelling of lemongrass in order to prep us for the dinner ahead. While waiting for our 7:30pm group to start, we were given crackers with guacamole dips to nibble on.



Our evening of visual tantalisation and clever platings started with the pretty Amuse Bouche of Oyster in citrus ponzu foam and jelly (on an oyster shell, of course).




Tuna, Sea-Urchin, Espelette, Rice
This is a regular feature and also the signature dish in LPW’s menu. One starts with the frozen grape on the left towards the tuna and sea-urchins on a bed of amazingly crunchy puffed rice to finish the course with the frozen longan. I am absolutely delighted with my serve of briny-sweet sea urchins. The textures afforded by the puffed rice when matched with the sea urchin and tuna were just sublime. Sucking on my frozen logan, I am excited to see what follows.



Langoustine, Frog, Chanterelle, Wheat Berry
This dish somehow conjured up an imagery of ‘Wind in the Willows’. The fried frog drumstick was classy dressed in the pool of spinach puree. Matched with sweet langoustine and chanterelle, this effectively transformed the frog into a very exciting offering.


Monkfish, Bone marrow, Pancetta, Maitake
The unusual pairing of the fish with pancetta and bone marrow, made each bite the more enticing and each bite the more tempting and enjoyable.


Egg, Truffle, Parmesan, Caviar
Next up, is a classy breakfast-sey spinach and ricotta raviolo sous-vided with egg. It came with caviar and to be eaten with a freshly baked baguette. This is also one of LPW’s signature dish that we had on my first visit, and one which I really enjoyed.




Pigeon, Smoked Eel, Pea, Morel
Yet another unusual pairing of tender pigeon breast with smoked eel. The clever accompaniments of pea and morel are used for balancing the different flavours and textures of the pigeon and eel.


Iberian Pork, Beetroot, Plum, Hoisin
The Iberian Pork continued the “wow” factor that remained consistent with all of the courses throughout the evening. I really had to start questioning whether or not the pork was ultimately going to be my favourite dish in the end. This pretty dish bursting of fruity flavours is also the last of the savoury course.


It was An evening of fun watching the chefs hard at work.

Finally desserts arrive… LPW makes the most awesome desserts and we have 2 dessert courses.


Banana, Blueberry, Mascarpone, Peanut Butter

Stylish presentation


I am a sucker for theatrics and enjoyed watching the chef preparing instant ice-cream with liquid nitrogen.



Final presentation


Chocolate, Caramel, Chilli, Salt
I must say that this is my new favourite dessert. What a marvellous idea to pop the olive bubbles in our mouths to smoothen the chocolate crumbs, caramel, chilli and salt!


Petit Fours
Too full to eat anymore, I did manage to savour one Orange Madelaine.

This has to be one of the most comfortable dining experiences that I have had, more so encouraged by the very attentive and smooth service team. My palate was challenged by the combination of new tastes that I never thought would complement one another , new intelligence was found and most importantly the entire experience led to the hours to fly by as pleasant conversation was enhanced by positive experiences. What impressed me was that everything from the food, drink, service and ambiance was elegant and not over the top. LPW is a clearly my firm favourite in Hongkie Town!

2 thoughts on “Revisit @ Liberty Private Works, Hong Kong

    • Chef Vicky is very artistic, right? The tuna urchin on puffed rice and the ravioli egg are his 2 signatures and regular dishes, so you be able to sample them when you get to HK.

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