Grossly Misrepresented! @ Tong Pak Fu, Suria KLCC

(I was going to title this post “False Advertising”, but that sounded too serious…)

It was a bloody hot arvo extrapolated by  a faulty air-con blowing 32 degree celsius wind  in my face.

Made worse, I can hear annoying jerky voices in my head screaming, “Shaved ice, Shaved ice, I want ’em now!”  To pacify my inner demons, I headed over to Tong Pak Fu (not to be confused with Stephen Chow’s movie with the same namesake).  Although I know that Tong Pak Fu is a Hong Kong franchise, I had never bothered to visit its HQ in HK.

See this?  This picture on the menu of Tracka Durian Shaved Ice got my attention and I ordered a regular (RM11.90)


What arrived at my table was this… Notice anything different from the photo menu?


Tracka Durian Shaved Ice

Hmmm…something’s amiss.

Where are my Corn flakes?!

Why are the accompaniments are different too?!

I got a weird combo of spherified lychee bubbles, black, red and yellow grass-jellies which I left untouched.

STILL, the durian shaved ice was a velvety delight.  Smooth and creamy, which I no doubt will come back for more  (giving the condiments a miss).

Let me present you with the menu… if you are not inclined to durians, there are guava, orange and mango shaved ice flavours too.