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Good To Be Home

It’s wonderful to be back home in Sydney.  With only less than a month to stay, I have a lot of rather mundane things to organise, like getting my eyes checked for my new Ortho-K (ticked), dental appointment, a visit to my GP, get a hair cut, schedule a some work meetings and also to make time to catch up with my friends.  The short 3 weeks will fly away very quickly.

In any regards, I am truly happy to be back.  I went out running this evening.  I gotta say running in 32C+  heat in Malaysia is making me a stronger runner now.

Here are some iPhone pics of the golden hour at the Milsons Point esplanade.  I have to stop every now to look up at the clouds.  Gorgeous, don’t you think?  I also saw Tim the weatherman from Channel 10 on location reporting the weather for the evening news.


Opera House


Blues Point


Lavender Bay

7 thoughts on “Good To Be Home

  1. absolutely love the scenery of the opera house and the lavender bay. I feel like all my stress is gone, just by looking at those shots.

    • Ya, that’s my ‘hood alright! The perfect place to take pictures of the Opera House and the Bridge! I run round Lavender Bay, very relaxing environment but gets congested during the weekend with visitors to Luna Park

      • Too bad, I only went to Melbourne.
        The opera house is like a trademark of Australia. Its design is a modern masterpiece of vogue. I bet your don’t like the congested traffic on the weekend.
        Haha, I’m used to the crowd .Texas has too much land, sometimes, it feels like I’m the only one driving on the road. Freaky.

      • I like to have some people around (otherwise I get lonely), but I don’t like crowds – too noisy! Melbourne is very different to Sydney, and the culture is a bit different too. I have never been to Texas, would love to go there someday! Want to check out Dallas – re: Dallas and Dynasty the TV series from long time ago!

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