Bumming in Silver Kris Lounge, Changi Airport and A Ride on SIA’s A380

Date of Visit: July 20 2013

Getting a flight ticket back to Sydney from Kuala Lumpur was quite a task, the closest date that I could get on Malaysian Airlines (MAS) was 1 week away, so I had to fly Singapore Airlines (SIA) instead. That meant I had to take a 2:20pm shuttle flight from Kuala Lumpur and transit in Singapore for a few hours for the connecting 8:20pm flight. Not a problem since it has been a long time since my last visit to Changi Airport. I also wanted to check-out the duty free shopping and to buy a new camera.

The following pictures were taken with my brand new camera, Lumix TZ40.  There is a wifi connection on my camera, but I haven’t yet worked out how to operate it, so out came the memory card, fingers crossed and into my Mac… and no, I never read instructions, I just fiddle around…

Contrary to the popular belief that shopping in duty-free Singapore is ‘cheap’, I found otherwise. There is currently a Millionaire Lucky Draw at the airport, but the girl maning the store was very rude – and brought back ugly memories of the haughty Singaporean. One would have thought that with the amount of money spent on advertising Singapore to the World, the tourism board would at the very least train their personnels in basic etiquette, so as not to take their slogan “Get Lost”, so literally. (Check out the offensive ad here)

After a short wonder around Terminal 3… no, I didn’t bother with the new indoor Butterfly Park… I decided it’s high time to chillax at the Silver Kris Lounge and enjoy all the amenities since it was getting very  hot and rather stuffy in the public area.

Inside the Silver Kris Lounge:    I am very impressed with the chic design and layout of the lounge.  I especially loved the personal space afforded for each seating area with its own luxurious space around it.  This was very cleverly  accomplished by the smart arranging of seats eg. putting sidetables and reading lights next to every chair or grouping chairs together for larger groups/ families.  The chairs were comfortable for catching a quick nap or reading in peace.


Personal space segregated by putting side-table between each chairs

The Cafe Area easily transitions into a cozy eating area yet still appropriate for work.  (I had some sandwiches at this station.  There are egg mayo, veggies and roast chicken choices- all sandwiched in white processed bread, unfortunately)


Cafe-style Set-ups

I like the idea of communal seatings at the long granite bench.  However, in my experience, I found that in the Asian context, it may be a tad boring (a bonus if you like privacy and to have the possession of the entire whole bench to yourself) since Asians don’t like sitting on high chairs with their feet dangling above the ground, they prefer low chairs… I noted as well that the highly-polished timber bar chairs were upholstered in golden gauze polyester fabric which does not make for comfortable sitting for too long.


Communal granite long bar seatings


A variety of seating arrangements ranging from leather chairs to bar chairs

The Buffet Area:   Now, what was amazing about the lounge was the amount of food being served. I am especially impressed by the buffet area, which was done up like a Park Hyatt chain with scrumptious offerings in Asian and Western dishes.  I am a light eater when I travel, so I didn’t sample any.  The Japanese sushi and cold soba station looked interesting, but since it was uncovered, I did not want to risk a tummy-ache.  I tried the cheese station but the melting cheeses did not look  particularly appetising either.  I also gave the dessert station a miss since I don’t like tiny mousey cakes.

Buffet Area in Silver Kris Lounge

The Bar Area:   Now, this is me talking… my personal favourite.  There are 2 types of reds and 2 types of whites to choose from (not notable wines).  Beer on tap, a variety of harder alcohols and cappuccino/espresso/coffee machine.  Naturally, I chose my favourite tipple which is a champagne to kick off my homebound journey.  The champs is a Delamontte, a quaffable champs with not much of a character, but fizzy enough to make me bubbly.   I guess the  nuts, nachos and potato chips at  bar are very popular since I had to make a couple of return trips  for them  to be refilled.


Bar Area (front)


Bar area (back)

The Shower Facilities:  There are 4 shower cubicles which are very well used since I had to wait for my turn.  What turned me off was that it was not manned, I had to wait for my turn and use  the dirty cubicle which was rather unhygienic to say the least.  (Cathay Pacific and MAS has a personnel  station that mans the showers facilities and clean up after each users.)


Orchids: Singapore’s National Flower

On-board the  A380:   SIA is seriously the most  stingy kiasu airline!  Only a pair of socks and a sleep shade for bizo class?  What?!  I get a whole Agnes B amenities kit even for flying the KL-HKG route!  I get the full-works from MAS in a Tumi kit for KL-SYD route.  Gosh!   Wi-fi on-board, did you say,  but you need your credit card to activate it.  Why, I get free wifi  on Turkish and Emirates Airlines even on coach class!   Anyway, let’s not get worked up about this, the wifi system did not work…

My dinner on-board:


Tuna tataki on Greek salad with meclun leaves and balsamic dressing




Hiccup Inducing overly well-done: Seared tournedos of Beef with thyme jus, roasted vegetables and seared asparagus


Chocolate Truffle Ice-cream with Passionfruit Coulis

In-flight Entertainment:  I watched 2 movies, ‘G.I Joe: Retaliation‘ (because I want to see Channing, Willis and the cool Korean actor… either I was slow or tired, I couldn’t catch the story line), and ‘Hotel Deluxe ‘, (a super darn funny Cantonese movie – must get DVD!)

Sleep:  The largest lie-flat bed, did you say?  Well, I’m a dork, I needed assistance.  I even needed assistance to get my seat to recline!   I guess age, even the 5 short years,  did not bear well for the A380… Even though I had a good sleep on-board, I still slept the entire day when I arrived home.  This is what one calls ‘stress’, and travelling is very stressful!