T-Rex Shopping Up A Storm at Pearl of the Orient!

While Daddy T-Rex is at work in France’s City of Light at River Seine, Mommy T-Rex and the girls are busy in the Kong working on their LV handbags collection!


Grrr… DON’T touch my LV!


It’s quite a hassle to buy luxury brands in Paris, you will be asked for your passport details since each customer is only allowed to purchase 2 handbags in the 6 months time-frame. Here in Hong Kong, there is NO limit on the number of bags purchased… waste no time, Girls, let’s shop up a storm!


Look! More bags!


More! More!

This goes to prove that shopping is a cultural experience in Hong Kong. It is not necessary to go all the way to Paris! We get ‘arts’ in the malls here!


But if you still insist on seeing Daddy T-Rex in Paris, there is no stopping you, deets here


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