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Let Them Eat Cake @ Mrs B Cakery, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Did the ‘great princess’ really utter this infamous phrase or Rousseau simply made it up to cover his arse? Until this day, it remains a scholarly mystery… meanwhile, in our household, we simply dug in and ate our cake!

“Exotic & Intense blend of Beetroot, Pistachio & Chocolate layered Chiffon with Apricot Compote, Fresh Cream and crowned with Dark & White Chocolate Cake with Hand-painted Sugar Butterfly”

Such is the seductive description for  Mrs B’s Cakery‘s Madame Butterfly on her website.


Madame Butterfly Signature Cake
Source: Mrs B’s Cakery Website

Enthralled by the descriptions?

Now, just wait ’til you see the Grande Dame arriving in the most gorgeous and stylish packaging – cue in the luxurious Hermés burnt-orange paper bag and a rich charcoal coloured box adorned with exotic butterflies.  As one opens up the cupboard box, one is teased by the words, “Love at First Bite” printed on the inside cover … and further poked playfully by the romanticism of Tiffany blues and staid banker’s black-and-white zebra stripes.


Much anticipation on the merry arrival of the Cake in Hermes-y burnt orange carry bag

If if this doesn’t make your heart flutter, I don’t know what will…


Madame Butterfly

Well, silly me, a bite of the CAKE of course…

Stick in a birthday sparkler (that came with the cake) and LET THE PARTY BEGIN!


Madame Butterfly in its sparkling glory

The cake is an adventurous play in textures – nutty sablés biscuit base,  3 layers of unconventionally flavoured chiffon cake combo in beetroot, pistachio and chocolate sandwiched by cream and apricot compote further imparting a ‘lil tartiness (no pun intended) to the cake.


The heart of the cake is cream with apricots.


A pretty dense cake

Taste-wise, a rather bland tasting cake suitable for the health-conscious and those without a sweeth-tooth.  Tangy apricots and smooth butter cream gel the different flavoured layers – although one could not discern the different flavours in the chiffon layers.

At a  whooping $580 for 500g.  This is a DARN EXPENSIVE!  Then again, the chocolate sugar painted butterfly is worth its weight in gold (pun intended)


Hand-painted Chocolate Butterfly

Verdict?  The cake delivered in every aspect Ms Gokson envisioned – from the chic whimsical packaging right down to the tiniest dieter‘s morsel!

Now, what would you expect from the Ms Bonnie Gokson?  THE style icon and trend-setter in Hong Kong (according to Hong Kong Tatler mag)!

If you are near Admiralty, do drop in at the newly-minted Queen of Confections’ bright and cheerful cakery Pacific Place.

Cheerio!   😘


Cakery: Check out the colourful unicorn head!


Cakery: Butterflies and teapots, and everything sweet


Sitting Alfresco in the Mall

6 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake @ Mrs B Cakery, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong

  1. I love it, I’m currently looking for some idea’s for my husband’s bday and since he’s scared of a butteflies and moths that would be perfect haha 🙂 bit pricy but I would nomm it 🙂 and those colors… I’m really in love 🙂

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