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Offal Nom Noms @ Bistrode CBD, Sydney

Date of Visits:  Too many times

I was looking through my collection of gastronomic escapades on my iPhone where I have stored over 4,000+ photos when I came across my album on Bistrode CBD and realised that I have yet made a post on Jeremy Strode who is my favourite chef in Sydney.  Bistrode CBD is a fine dining restaurant in Sydney and currently sits at No 65 on Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine’s Australian Top 100 Restaurant Guide 2014.   He  also manages The Fish Shop in Potts Point under the Merivale’s wing.

I first came across Jeremy’s cooking at MG Garage; and when he opened Bistrode in Surry Hills with his wife, Jane in 2005,  my family and I became their frequent diners and would receive a  pot of their delicious home-made chutney at Christmas. Now that they have moved to the City, we visit less often but still make a point to drop in  whenever we are in the vicinity.  His restaurant is always busy and reservations is advised, however, since we are regulars, we are always welcomed by the staffs and would usually get a table.

Jeremy is known for his classic English fare focusing on secondary cuts of meats and offal executed with French cooking techniques. Techniques he learnt while cooking for well known French masters including Chef Michel Roux at Waterside Inn at Bray in Berkshire, Roger Verge at Le Moulin de Mougins at theFrench Riviera and  legendary Chef Pierre Koffmann at La Tante Claire.   Black-and-white photos of his mentors adorn the walls in his monochromatic coloured restaurant.

As an offal enthusiast myself, I must-order is organ meats and there are always some kind of offal on the menu.  My favourite is Calves Livers, pictured below:

Calves Livers


Calves Liver: With beef and caramelised onions

Do enjoy the rest of the photos from my iPhone photo collection – these are the dishes that I have thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend.



Tripe, Onions, Chilli & Black Vinegar

Pork trotters stuffed with Sweetbreads with a side of mash


Stuffed Pigs Trotter


Stuffed Pigs Trotter: Sweetbreads inside

Jeremy’s Signature:  Lamb’s ‘Hearts and Minds’


Lamb’s ‘Hearts and Minds’: Crisp crumbed brains, grilled slices of heart with bitter leaves and almodns.

Bone marrows are cleverly matched with a meaty slab of steak or a fish with a side of greens


Chestnut Fed Rump Steak (250g), Bone Marrow & English Condiments

Blue eye and bone marrow


Bone marrow



Grass-fed Steak


Grass-fed Steak


Pink Snapper Fillet, Clams & Samphire


Kubuta Pork Chop


Thirlmere Duck Leg Confit, Bacon, Gizzards, Smoked Breast & Beetroot Salad



Beetroot, Blood Orange, Hazelnut & Witloaf Salad


Ham Hock & Lentil Soup Cup


Blue-Eye Brandade, Boiled Egg & Asparagus


Rock Oysters




Last but not least, DESSERTS created by Jane


Ricotta Cheesecake, Crumble Crumb & Glazed Quince


Warm Chocolate & Coconut Pudding

At the time of posting, Bistrode CBD received 81% out of 75 votes
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6 thoughts on “Offal Nom Noms @ Bistrode CBD, Sydney

  1. Oh, my.

    Guess what, bone marrow is one of my family’s favorite stuff in our soup. i think in the Philippines this is a favorite . ( I shudder at the cholesterol , but it tastes so good.

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