Join in the Fun! My 2nd Liesbster Award

WooHoo!  I am awarded the Liebster Award by Deb of Hong Kong Fong.

(Thanks Deb!  😘 )

We have been following each other for over a couple of months now.  Deb is an American expat from the States currently residing in Hong Kong, her blog is an interesting personal blog of sorts documenting her stay in the City That Never Sleeps – I especially love her photography – well, she’s a photographer(!) – and her restaurant reviews.  I’ll stop gushing and let you check her blog out!

Moreover, this is also my second time receiving the award,  my first was awarded by Hari of Hari’s Got Tales (here).   He writes lovely Indonesian Peranakan tales and fables – check him out too!


Liebster is an loving German term and that mean ‘sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome

I have explained Liebster Award in my previous blog, so I won’t repeat it again.  Basically, in order to accept this award, one has to:

  • Answer the 10 questions asked of me by the blogger who nominated me
  • Nominate other bloggers to receive the Liebster Award
  • Create 10 new questions for my nominees to answer, should they choose to accept the award

Deb’s 10 Qs to me:
1. What makes you tick?
Deadlines.  A procrastinator like me gets an adrenaline rush from simply panicking!! But once settled, my concentration is undivided.  With my attention totally focused on the task in hand, I produce my ‘best’ work with speed like Speedy Gonzales!  Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale!  (What says you, Deb?  Finally got around to answering your Qs after 1 month?  😜)


Speedy Gonzales
Source: Internet

2. Most memorable travel experience?
A recent trip to Gokayama, Japan where we were holed up in the ranger’s hut in the snow storm.  C’mon, snow in March? (Adventure blog to come! 😜 )

3. Most memorable culinary experience?
I love theatrics.  So a lit-up classic Bombe Alaska is always a treat, still is…

4. Sweet or savory?
Hmmm…Salted caramel ice-cream… Maple Bacon Ice-cream… tough call, but I’ll have both, thank you!  That’s sweet-savory for me!

5. Modern or rustic?

6. Favorite childhood memory, or most powerful epiphany in life so far?
Never trust the nice man in Armani suit“, spoken by a lady Mayor in Iceland – the first country to collapse in the GFC – I believe this was the opening line to ‘Inside Job‘, a documentary on the GFC narrated by Matt Damon.  So, yes, my most powerful epiphany in life so far is never to trust anybody (notwithstanding a financial advisor) with my money!  And don’t buy into any funds! (Been there, done that)

7. How do you define community?
“Community  is a living, breathing, interactive entity where people hold two-way conversations.  There is an exchange of ideas and the  value of this community should become such that one feels privileged to be connected to a like-minded group of people and thankful such a group exists to help others embark on a similar journey to our own.  –”

8. #1 thing to do on your (remaining) bucket list?
I’m guessing going on stage in a fitness competition will always remain the #1 on my bucket list – while high up on my list, I don’t think I will even attempt it.  But a nice wishful thought.  So, maybe a tight 6-pack then?

9. #1 place to visit on your (remaining) bucket list?
I’m slowing working my way through my bucket list. I did Camino Santiago in 2011 and next year, my side-kick gal pal and I will be going on the Inca Trail.  I hope to do all the pilgrimage trails and trade routes.

10. Who is your hero?
There are many nameless everyday heroes and it would be unjust to name just one. So, let’s go with a fairy-tale character. My favourite fairy-tale is ‘Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs’, so I’d pick the Prince who brought Snow White back to life with his magic kiss – and a dash of romance!


Prince Kissing Snow White
Source: Internet

My Nominees are new blogs I have been following since my last Liebster Award – and they are…(drums roll, please)
1.  Yummy Lummy – Dr Gary Lum from the Garden City aka Canberra, his blog focuses on his outings, food and restaurant reviews around Canberra, he also rates the napkins and hygine facilites in the establishments!
2. Suitui pui – Arthur, a popular retired English teacher, the proclaimed Food Mayor in Sibu – the town I’m currently spending much time in – my go-to source for good eats around town.
3. – a terrific and resourceful blog encompassing all things Japan which I truly enjoy
4. Guai Shu Shu  – Kenneth Goh writes a very detailed  recipe blog which I came across when I was reading on Sarawakian food.
5. Chestervizconde – my new friend in the blogsphere.  We ‘met’ yesterday.

Since I had such fun in answering Deb’s questions, I’m going to recyle her Qs!

So Nominees, here goes the 10 Qs!
1. What makes you tick?
2. Most memorable travel experience?
3. Most memorable culinary experience?
4. Sweet or savory?
5. Modern or rustic?
6. Favorite childhood memory, or most powerful epiphany in life so far?
7. How do you define community?
8. #1 thing to do on your (remaining) bucket list?
9. #1 place to visit on your (remaining) bucket list?
10. Who is your hero?

My dear Nominees, DO Spread the LOVE!  Pass the award along!

Hope you join in the fun as much as I do and I look forward to you answers!

Danke Schoen All!