The Key to Looking Good is Vanity!

I know, I know, I promised to update on my Body Transformation Projecter, nearly 3 weeks ago??  Gosh, time really flies when one is super-duper busy!

So, Q: What have I been up to since my declaration of body transformation 3 weeks ago?

Well, on the work front, my task in Sydney wrapped up last week – we won the test case in all points which was really a morale booster for us going forward when we start our other cases in Malaysia and secondly on a more personal front, my residential project finally got a DA approval – it’s on a conservative heritage-y site in the Lower North Shore, and I have to think about financing moving forward…

Because I had not had a good sleep for a long, long time in outback rural Malaysia with the incessant barking and howling dogs throughout the night, so yeah, I have been doing a helluva lot of sleeping since I back in Sydney!  Plus, the chilly weather made snoozing even more blissful!

BTW, do you know that one of Karl Lagerfeld’s tips on losing weight is by sleeping?  Sleeping also burns calories by making the internal organs work harder.  Read the freebie online roundup of his diet here or buy the book he penned, ‘The Karl Lagerfeld Diet’ here

To be honest, I have been bummed the past 3 weeks  since I’m back in Sydney – rolling out my bed and heading out to the City for meetings then back home to sleep.  I didn’t go to gym, but did some stretching to prep for workouts to come – for a hyper mobile person, I’m finding difficulty in touching my toes!  Moreover, I have very low energy level (no exercise means a drop in endorphin, making me lethargic all the time!)

Nevertheless, I did some thinking.  I gave some thoughts as to WHY with all the motivation I have in the World to workout hard in the gym, I never get the change I wanted.  It could be that I am happy with the way I am and not vain enough!  What do you expect of  a chica who rolls out of bed and ready to head out the doors in 10-minutes flat? Surely, that’s not vanity!

Vanity is the excessive belief in one’s own abilities or attractiveness to others.   Without vanity, one is complacent with one’s present self and see no need for change.  Thus, the status quo remains.  In order for a catalytic change, one needs to play the vanity game, hence the Vanity Project –”

Before I ramble on, I like to show you my street cred from University of Sydney!  (This is the peacock in me waving a piece of paper in your face! 😜)


This is how desperate I am in losing weight!

The Vanity Project Framework after my many years of ‘research’:
1.   Play the mind game!  Torture yourself with fashion mags of sickly thin models in dresses you like – perhaps in our case, engross ourselves with the supertoned fit healthy models from fitness mags!

2.   Practise mindful eating but never ever under-eat! You never win the battle from hunger! Fill up with protein, vegs and water.


Cape Grim 300g beef ribeye steak, mixed leaf salad and roast kipfler potatoes

Sometimes, I slip a little.  For example I had a seemingly healthy lunch today at North Sydney Harbourview Hotel – kale salad with pomegranate, steamed vegetables and a piece of roast beef…


Buffet plate

But got carried away at dessert… A big No, NO!


Orange poppy seed cake

3.   Keep yourself occupied.  My favourite is watching food porn.  This helps to trigger your brain that you had some of it and is satisfied.   Writing a food blog is a great distraction from food too – like blogging on!  If you are not a blogger, give me a Follow!  Salivating over food is apparently a fantastic idea!!  🙈🙉🙊

4.   Lift heavy weights! I have scrutinised the web for physique transformation advises and tips – of which I must admit, it’s a jungle out there!  I have been enamoured by Fighter Diet for a while now and have bought a handful of her ebooks which I shall be using in my Vanity Project aka Body Transformation Project.


My friend’s (in bikini) first show in Singapore where she came #1!

Lastly Body Transformation = Psychological Mind Game = Vanity Project (for me)

Lagerfeld emphasised appearance and looking good as a reason to embark on his diet.  Taking his cue, I applied the 1st Principle of Vanity Project by getting a facial peel last week ($200).  With a smoother more porcelain-y skin, perhaps I get a boost in confidence.  Can I declare myself vanity ready?  Well, firstly, I need more beauty sleep seeing that I am not getting enough and that I’m flying off again end of this week.  In any regards, I shall update!