Rilakkuma Wonderland Exhibition @ The One, TST, Hong Kong

You know Hong Kong’s moniker as the ‘City that never sleeps‘, but what if you got up early and have nothing to do? You can’t hit the shops just yet because the shops here open pretty late, around 11am! So, this is what I do – I go watch a movie! Early shows here starts at 9am and is cheap at HK$45 per person (or HK$10 for Seniors, equivalent to A$2!) Since I live in Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui is the most convent place for me to catch a movie, and I usually go to Broadway Circuit Cinema at The One.

Currently there is a Rilakkuma Exhibition happening in the mall, with more than 20 pieces of large Rilakkuma figurines and over 100 mini-Rilakkumas dotted around the mall in celebrating the 10th anniversary of Rilakkuma. Check out the 10-feet inflatable Rilakkuma resting comfortably on the window sill – a tiring journey mind you, for a first-timer in Hong Kong from Tokyo – so, peeps, head on over to say a big ‘Hello’ to giant inflatable Rilakkuma!


10-feet inflatable Rilakkuma


Rilakumma eating a dango






Playing some music

As with any ‘celebration’, there is ALWAYS a promotion a la sales gimmick!  What did I get  for spending some $$$ at The One – a hot water bottle inserted in a cute cover!  No doubt will keep me warm this winter!


Rilakumma hot water bottle and cover