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Vanity Project Update #1

I mentioned last month that I had wanted to embark on a body  transformation exercise as a personal challenge to myself (here).  I called it my vanity project. Today, I am excited to announce that I have finally got my ball rolling.  I have engaged a bodybuilder – a very accomplished person who had swept all titles he competed in (!) – and who had also confidently assured me that I am in good hands. I’m starting off by seeing him 3 times a week.  Our plan is to increase muscle mass (by lifting heavy) and to burn fat (through dieting).

My trainers in the past had been fantastic in helping me gain strength and mobility (especially after my nasty hip fracture) but had stopped short of helping me reach a physique that I yearned.  So, fingers crossed that a ‘professional’ add weight in my quest!  💪 💪 💪

Lifting heavy means breaking down muscles and only when I rest the muscles start to repair and grow stronger.  There is no point in lifting too heavy when the muscles are still sore from repair, it only means that you will get weaker if you continue to lift heavy.   I have bought a couple of lifting accessories:  a weight lifting belt and grip pads.  The grip pads are to assist in heavier loads whereas the belt is to keep the abs tight and back straight while lifting heavy loads.

I am giving myself 3 months – too short a time I know, but I am constantly on the move  –  to achieve some definition in my upper body, namely my shoulders and arms, although I’d love a 6-pack too!  Because of my scoliosis, I am hoping to improve my symmetry as well.  These are tall orders and good muscle-tone takes years and consistent effort to build.

My trainer had written down a diet plan for me.  The plan is not air-tight because he knows I will not follow it to the ‘T’ 😆!  We shall give this a go for a week.  Here is my diet-plan:


  • 3 egg whites, 1/2-1 piece of wholewheat toast and small amount of jam OR
  • Oatmeal and banana


  • 1/2-1 chicken breast or fish
  • Salad
  • 1/2-1 bowl of brown rice
  • 10 almonds (it was 5 measly almonds but I negotiated to 10!  👍)


  • Protein drink


  • Vegetables
  • 1/2-1 chicken breast or fish
  • 1/2-1 bowl of brown rice or yam (boiled)
  • 10 almonds (it was 5 measly almonds but I negotiated to 10! 👏)

Everybody knows that starting a diet in December is going to be hard especially when there are so many parties and dinners to attend – not to mention my Christmas trip to Japan in a few days time!  Going forward, I will have to curtail eating out (too much), and if I do eat out, make wiser choices.  Rest assured, I’m still continuing my food blog but making it more healthy with an occasional side-track on my bodybuilding journey as well. I shall post random pictures of my diet on my instagram(here), you are more than welcome to follow me!

have only met with my trainer for 3 times, so nothing to report back except that I am sore and tired from not handling any weights for nearly 2 years – and also not accustomed to handling weights outside my comfort zone. 😜

4 thoughts on “Vanity Project Update #1

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Breakfast and dinner is OK. It’s just lunch that I have to be careful about because I eat out during lunch. My trainer told me to pack my own lunch but I’d feel ‘alienated’ if I bring my ow lunch because I like to be ably to socialise… Anyway, let’s see how I go!

  1. So excited for you, I know you can do it! I’ll make note of this menu because I’m sure I’ll have to start my own vanity project come January after pigging out this month!

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