Chocolate Fantasia @ Gallery By the Harbour

“With the artist’s fantasy of chocolate and his crazy imagination, Gallery by the Harbour will be transformed into an amazing illusionary space, leading the audience to enter the artist’s fantasy world.”  

And a fantasia it was!  A dizzying psychedelic world bursting of colours and butterflies to mesmerise the audiences!


View of Gallery: Wall-to-floor covered in abject art. Crossing the boundary from 2-D to 3-D, leading the audience to enter the artist’s fantasy world.

This is a solo exhibition by renowned Korean contemporary artist Jang Seung Hyo who conjured up a surreal chocolate world in conjunction with the annual Chocolate Trail 2014 in Harbour City.  His  created a chocolate fantasia through collages by juxtaposing  images of chocolates and sweets.   Thus, transforming the 2-D photographic images into 3-D art pieces.



3-D Butterfly on canvas on-top of the collaged wall, make it a bursting array of psychedelic colours



Chupa Chups!


Detail of collage: Random photos from the artist’s archives


A 3-D sculpture


A tiger out on a prowl in a Hong Kong



I see Guylian chocolates Smarties and Jelly Beans, do you?



Hard to see in the snapshot, but try if you can, this is a 3-D butterfly

Try as I did, it was hard to photograph with my iPhone because it was very colourful and I’m at loss at which angles, details and how to capture the artworks as they were all too beautiful!  If you are in Kowloon, grab your camera and do me a better job!

Where and When?
Chocolate Fantasia @ Gallery By the Harbour
Date: Now – Feb 16, 2014
Shop 202, Level 2, Ocean Centre (Near Jean-Paul Hevin)

Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur 2014

Date: Early January 2014

Whoa! Long time no blog! I’ve seemed to have dropped out of  the blogosphere the past couple of weeks, but rest assured, there’s certainly no horsing around for me when I was in KL last, having accomplished what I had set out to do  – and willingly falling ‘victim’ to the ample carbohydrates-fueled yummies there!  😭

So let me present you in pictures (via my trusty iPhone 5s), how KL dressed up to herald the upcoming Chinese New Year on January 31st! 

First up, right in front of my proverbial doorsteps, the Pavilion Mall – as usual the best decorated mall in the whole of KL.  Lanterns, lanterns and MORE big garishly red Chinese lanterns in front of the Pavilion Mall – totally OTT!  HOT!



The theme, as one can easily guess is HORSES GALORE!



Horses in fariy-lights along Jalan Bukit Bintang.


Street illumination

Of course, more horses in the the hotel lobby.


JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur

A stallion galloping throughout the woods of cherry-blossoms in Suria KLCC.  For those single dudes and dudettes, the first thing you should do, when you wake up on CNY morning is to run around the cherry blossom trees a few times.  A centuries-old tradition to boost your luck in finding your Mr or Ms Right!  (Personal opinion, it doesn’t work – been doing it for AGES!  But still, am going to run a few laps this year. 😵 😵 😵)




My first Lion Dance show of the year, performed by a bunch of school kids at Suria KLCC.  Pretty good, despite me waiting a good 40minutes for the short-lived 15minutes show to start… 😳


CX The Cabin, Hong Kong International Airport

My first trip of 2014! I’m off to Kuala Lumpur today. Some photos of the CX Business Class Lounge, courtesy of my iphone5. Similar to The Wings, catering by The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, resting my butt on Poltrona Frau, getting drunk on Piper Heidrick Champagne instead of a Billecart-Salmon! 😨


















Wooloomooloo Prime @ The One, TST, Hong Kong

Date of Visit: January 7 2013

I have been training in earnest since I returned from my gastronomic trip in Tokyo nearly 2 weeks ago- and I might have gone slightly overboard in the short time seeing that I hit the sack at 7:30pm!  Crux came when I couldn’t push the leg press at 23olbs which I had easily done so last session!  Perhaps it is time to ease back on my daily 45mins cardio (which I do running in the park).  Or perhaps the culprit was the lunch that I had right before my gym session??  (Psst… I’m referring to you Chard-y!)  

Let’s ‘analyse’!

My scrumptious lunch today was in the company of my Mom and her besties at Wooloomooloo Prime (together with one of their daughters and my Bro).  If Wooloomooloo sounds familiar, it’s the name of a suburb in Sydney and it’s a Modern Australian  steak house.  There are 3 restaurants in the ‘chain’ – Wanchai, TST and TST East.  The one that I frequented often is the branch at TST East where they have a nightly liveband.  A gym buddy of mine used to sing there and the rest of the gang will check-in to replenish after gym!

Talk about a spec entrance – floor-to-ceiling-glass windows, timber floorings, high ceilings, little niches to sit, curl up and get comfy – in short, I like the layout!


Versatile high-chair seating area for more casual ‘do’s – check out the floor-to-ceiling views



Meats Store


Bar area with an outdoor patio

Who can deny the spectacular views from Level 21?  Pity the sky is hazy (a normal occurrence in Hong Kong – pollution courtesy of Shenzhen, China) and the windows a tad dirty… Nevertheless, still admirable!  They also have an outdoor patio seating – especially fab for Happy Hours!


Views towards Victoria Harbour


Views towards TST East


Main Restaurant Area


Wine display and cutlery area


Fire-woods displayed for ‘warmth’

Tour over, now over to the food!


Lunch Menu


Wine Specials for lunch -HK$50/glass is cheap!

Complimentary white roll, warm from the oven, cripsy on the outside and fluffy-soft in the inside.


My lone roll

Pictures and some commentaries on our 3-Course Executive Set Lunch (the price of the set is dependent on the Main course selected)

My Mom had the soup whereas the rest of us had the salad.  The salad was thoroughly enjoyable, poached ginger pear with specially selected baby spinach leaves (ie. unbruised!).  Loved the spanish onions, but the burping afterwards was unwelcomed – not lady-like.  😜


Watercress soup with Sour cream & Garlic Croutons

Baby Spinach, Ginger Poached Pear & Cherry Tomato Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

The rest of the table had the steak.  If you have lived in Hong Kong long enough, you shall be able to distinguish between the Chinese-style (e.g. at Steik World Meats, my review here) and the more Australian grilling style e.g. in Wooloomooloo.  Needless to say, everyone enjoyed their ‘Australian-styled’ steak at Wooloomooloo.


Grilled Australian rib Eye with Roasted Potatoes, Bell Pepper & Madeira Jus (HK$258)

I’m the only one having the Salmon.  I’m looking at the Omegas and lesser fattening protein sources for my body.  😃 Loved the perfect salmon with crispy skin and the vegetables that went with it!


Seared Crispy Salmon Fillet with Celery Root Puree, Asparagus & Baby Carrot (HK$218)

My Mom had her favourite dessert – the Australian classic – a Pavlova complete with fresh cream and fruits on the meringue shell.


Pavlova with Fresh Fruits, Chantilly Cream & Passionfruit Coulis

My Bro had the Creme Brûlée.


Creme Brûlée with Fresh Mint, Strawberry & Blueberries

I had the ice-cream selection – a scoop of lychee and another of almond.  A sugar-shot!


Italian Gelato & Sorbet with Marinated Berries & Almond Wafers

So what killed me in the gym?  My trainer said a full stomach with gelato and that glass of wine.  He’d never heard of anyone hitting the weights after a glass of wine – so  I am the first! Hah!

On This Day Jan 1, 2014…

New Year’s Day 2014 had quickly gone and passed (err…3 days ago – so this is one of the many, many  belated posts  in my drafts folder -😁- with many more to surface in the coming days, weeks, or months… Geez, I’ve to add: ‘Stop Procrastinating!!’ in my list of New Year Resoultions (NYR)!  However, from my many, many years of experience, I have finally came to the realisation that I can’t adhere to any NYR which only invites Ms. Guilt comes year end.  So, ta-dah! – no NYR this year!

My first bite of 2014 was a slice of decadent Chestnut cake!  Not an overly ‘good’ start to the year for a dieting me  (#Vanity Project, remember?)  But since, it’s New Year, anything sweet to kick off the year is always auspicious, right? Hey, I’m Chinese and I’m superstitious!  


The cake was supposed to be our NYE’s dessert but we were too stuffed by the decadently cholestrol-ladden pork knuckes to fit anymore food in our stomachs. (Check out our home-cooked pork knuckles in my instagram feed @outforalonglunch!).  Although only a store-bought cake from a chain cake store called Arome Bakery, the sponge-cake was very rich and delicious, covered in sweet ‘noodles’ of chestnut, 6 large candied chestnuts with gold flakes and lots of mock cream.  


Chestnut ‘New Year’ Cake

My family’s  first restaurant meal of the year was at Niji Bistro, opened by Noritake, a classy Japanese tableware company at the Gateway Arcade inside Harbour City.  It usually serves good Japanese curry rice and omurice but today neither was  on the menu, so I had a set lunch comprising a Salad, a succulent and perfectly roasted Roast Chicken (where I found a ‘surprise’ among the stuffings – a ‘lil piece of paper! 😳) and a very nicely caffeinated Iced Coffee to brace myself after the said ‘surprise’.


Caesar Salad


Roast Chicken


Iced Coffee


Earth-tones interior


Noritake gift-corner tucked next to the Bistro

A rather unmemorable lunch nonetheless, BUT… much improved by…

The highlight of the day was the Dragon-Lion Dance Extravaganza at Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui which we found out by accident.  Although informed by the police-office on duty that the parade starts at 1:30pm, it was not until 2:10pm that the actually yackity-yacks of the MCs and long tall-poppies speeches of government officials started.  The Dragon and Lion Dance Extravaganza was also a record breaking event, being the World’s largest Dragon and Lion Dance and Happy Buddhas Dance in the World!

False start –  impatiently waiting for the dance to start


Lions (or Cubs 😄!)

See what I mean?  The dance was performed by school-kids, with parents and teachers as escorts.  Some were only a head or 2 taller than the traffic cones!


A school-boy only a head or 2 taller than the traffic cone!


Happy Buddhas

Running on Hong Kong time, the parade finally started at around 2:20pm.  When we went to the beginning of the parade to check out the officials and MCs, puff, they had gone home!  Poor kiddies, they didn’t even get a chance to see who they were supposed to be dancing for!  And they’ve been hanging out in their lines under the sun since noon!

Meanwhile, on the other side of Hongkie-Town, we had the Annual Mass Protest.  These pictures were supplied by my friend via our group Whatsapp chat.  Undoubtedly, he was one of the protestors!


Can you guess who this famous lady is???



So this is January 1, 2014 in 852!