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On This Day Jan 1, 2014…

New Year’s Day 2014 had quickly gone and passed (err…3 days ago – so this is one of the many, many  belated posts  in my drafts folder -😁- with many more to surface in the coming days, weeks, or months… Geez, I’ve to add: ‘Stop Procrastinating!!’ in my list of New Year Resoultions (NYR)!  However, from my many, many years of experience, I have finally came to the realisation that I can’t adhere to any NYR which only invites Ms. Guilt comes year end.  So, ta-dah! – no NYR this year!

My first bite of 2014 was a slice of decadent Chestnut cake!  Not an overly ‘good’ start to the year for a dieting me  (#Vanity Project, remember?)  But since, it’s New Year, anything sweet to kick off the year is always auspicious, right? Hey, I’m Chinese and I’m superstitious!  


The cake was supposed to be our NYE’s dessert but we were too stuffed by the decadently cholestrol-ladden pork knuckes to fit anymore food in our stomachs. (Check out our home-cooked pork knuckles in my instagram feed @outforalonglunch!).  Although only a store-bought cake from a chain cake store called Arome Bakery, the sponge-cake was very rich and delicious, covered in sweet ‘noodles’ of chestnut, 6 large candied chestnuts with gold flakes and lots of mock cream.  


Chestnut ‘New Year’ Cake

My family’s  first restaurant meal of the year was at Niji Bistro, opened by Noritake, a classy Japanese tableware company at the Gateway Arcade inside Harbour City.  It usually serves good Japanese curry rice and omurice but today neither was  on the menu, so I had a set lunch comprising a Salad, a succulent and perfectly roasted Roast Chicken (where I found a ‘surprise’ among the stuffings – a ‘lil piece of paper! 😳) and a very nicely caffeinated Iced Coffee to brace myself after the said ‘surprise’.


Caesar Salad


Roast Chicken


Iced Coffee


Earth-tones interior


Noritake gift-corner tucked next to the Bistro

A rather unmemorable lunch nonetheless, BUT… much improved by…

The highlight of the day was the Dragon-Lion Dance Extravaganza at Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui which we found out by accident.  Although informed by the police-office on duty that the parade starts at 1:30pm, it was not until 2:10pm that the actually yackity-yacks of the MCs and long tall-poppies speeches of government officials started.  The Dragon and Lion Dance Extravaganza was also a record breaking event, being the World’s largest Dragon and Lion Dance and Happy Buddhas Dance in the World!

False start –  impatiently waiting for the dance to start


Lions (or Cubs 😄!)

See what I mean?  The dance was performed by school-kids, with parents and teachers as escorts.  Some were only a head or 2 taller than the traffic cones!


A school-boy only a head or 2 taller than the traffic cone!


Happy Buddhas

Running on Hong Kong time, the parade finally started at around 2:20pm.  When we went to the beginning of the parade to check out the officials and MCs, puff, they had gone home!  Poor kiddies, they didn’t even get a chance to see who they were supposed to be dancing for!  And they’ve been hanging out in their lines under the sun since noon!

Meanwhile, on the other side of Hongkie-Town, we had the Annual Mass Protest.  These pictures were supplied by my friend via our group Whatsapp chat.  Undoubtedly, he was one of the protestors!


Can you guess who this famous lady is???



So this is January 1, 2014 in 852!  


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