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Wooloomooloo Prime @ The One, TST, Hong Kong

Date of Visit: January 7 2013

I have been training in earnest since I returned from my gastronomic trip in Tokyo nearly 2 weeks ago- and I might have gone slightly overboard in the short time seeing that I hit the sack at 7:30pm!  Crux came when I couldn’t push the leg press at 23olbs which I had easily done so last session!  Perhaps it is time to ease back on my daily 45mins cardio (which I do running in the park).  Or perhaps the culprit was the lunch that I had right before my gym session??  (Psst… I’m referring to you Chard-y!)  

Let’s ‘analyse’!

My scrumptious lunch today was in the company of my Mom and her besties at Wooloomooloo Prime (together with one of their daughters and my Bro).  If Wooloomooloo sounds familiar, it’s the name of a suburb in Sydney and it’s a Modern Australian  steak house.  There are 3 restaurants in the ‘chain’ – Wanchai, TST and TST East.  The one that I frequented often is the branch at TST East where they have a nightly liveband.  A gym buddy of mine used to sing there and the rest of the gang will check-in to replenish after gym!

Talk about a spec entrance – floor-to-ceiling-glass windows, timber floorings, high ceilings, little niches to sit, curl up and get comfy – in short, I like the layout!


Versatile high-chair seating area for more casual ‘do’s – check out the floor-to-ceiling views



Meats Store


Bar area with an outdoor patio

Who can deny the spectacular views from Level 21?  Pity the sky is hazy (a normal occurrence in Hong Kong – pollution courtesy of Shenzhen, China) and the windows a tad dirty… Nevertheless, still admirable!  They also have an outdoor patio seating – especially fab for Happy Hours!


Views towards Victoria Harbour


Views towards TST East


Main Restaurant Area


Wine display and cutlery area


Fire-woods displayed for ‘warmth’

Tour over, now over to the food!


Lunch Menu


Wine Specials for lunch -HK$50/glass is cheap!

Complimentary white roll, warm from the oven, cripsy on the outside and fluffy-soft in the inside.


My lone roll

Pictures and some commentaries on our 3-Course Executive Set Lunch (the price of the set is dependent on the Main course selected)

My Mom had the soup whereas the rest of us had the salad.  The salad was thoroughly enjoyable, poached ginger pear with specially selected baby spinach leaves (ie. unbruised!).  Loved the spanish onions, but the burping afterwards was unwelcomed – not lady-like.  😜


Watercress soup with Sour cream & Garlic Croutons

Baby Spinach, Ginger Poached Pear & Cherry Tomato Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

The rest of the table had the steak.  If you have lived in Hong Kong long enough, you shall be able to distinguish between the Chinese-style (e.g. at Steik World Meats, my review here) and the more Australian grilling style e.g. in Wooloomooloo.  Needless to say, everyone enjoyed their ‘Australian-styled’ steak at Wooloomooloo.


Grilled Australian rib Eye with Roasted Potatoes, Bell Pepper & Madeira Jus (HK$258)

I’m the only one having the Salmon.  I’m looking at the Omegas and lesser fattening protein sources for my body.  😃 Loved the perfect salmon with crispy skin and the vegetables that went with it!


Seared Crispy Salmon Fillet with Celery Root Puree, Asparagus & Baby Carrot (HK$218)

My Mom had her favourite dessert – the Australian classic – a Pavlova complete with fresh cream and fruits on the meringue shell.


Pavlova with Fresh Fruits, Chantilly Cream & Passionfruit Coulis

My Bro had the Creme Brûlée.


Creme Brûlée with Fresh Mint, Strawberry & Blueberries

I had the ice-cream selection – a scoop of lychee and another of almond.  A sugar-shot!


Italian Gelato & Sorbet with Marinated Berries & Almond Wafers

So what killed me in the gym?  My trainer said a full stomach with gelato and that glass of wine.  He’d never heard of anyone hitting the weights after a glass of wine – so  I am the first! Hah!

5 thoughts on “Wooloomooloo Prime @ The One, TST, Hong Kong

    • Haha – I did questioned myself whether it was wise to drink before a training session, but in the end I told myself ‘one glass won’t hurt’, 😉 My trainer has been a trainer for around 10 years, he is more a competitive bodybuilder himself, and do not take on many clients.

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