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Welcoming the Year of Horses in the Malls


Happy Chinese New Year!  The Year of the Horse has finally arrived!  If don’t know that that 2014 is the Year of the Horse – and you live outside Asia, you are excused but for those of you who live in Asia, what’s your excuse?!  Don’t you go out at all?  Why – the malls are all decked out in horsie decorations!  Here’s some malls that I frequented.

Elements Mall @ Kowloon Station:  A horse head made up of tiny minions of horses.  The sponsor is… (no brainer)… Hong Kong Jockey Club!





My all-time favourite for mall decorations is Landmark @ Central.  Every Chinese New Year, the atrium of the mall will be transformed into a floral extravaganza welcoming the in-coming zodiac of the new year.  This year, we have floral horses suspended in the air and horses let loose on a pictureque Chinese pasture complete with waterfalls, junk and Chinese houses.







The One @ Tsim Sha Tsui:  Albeit tacky and simplistic, this is sponsored by a clothing company.  All the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac are presented riding a horse.



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