What’s In Store For Me in the Year of the Horse

Humpf! So the Year of the Horse is finally here.

According to Chinese astrology, this year (2014) is my BAD year. I will offend Tai Sui, the ‘God of Age’, and will experience bad luck for the entire year. To avoid this, it is imminent that I visit Wong Tai Sing aka ‘The Great Immortal Wong’ to pray for his blessings to be spared from bad luck!


Entrance to Wong Tai Sing


Statue of the entrance guard – with a scary face to ward off evil

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a major tourist attraction, so make sure you arrive early before 11am to avoid to rancorous tourists from the Mainland. If you arrive via MTR you will be jostled by handicapped people hustling you to buy joss-sticks from them.


Statues of the 12 animal zodiacs in the fore-court of the temple with celebratory red bows

First up, a snapshot of the Main Temple.


Main Temple






Joss sticks


Devotee praying

Now to the main reason I visited Wong Tai Sing: To pay respects to Tai Sui.

Follow the red sign…


I paid HK$100 at the Tai Sui ticketing booth to get entry which includes 3 incense sticks for prayers. I was asked to go to a prayer room underground. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed, but let me tell you. The decoration was so casino-celestial! Looking up the blue ceiling was like looking into the Milky Way in the planetarium with blinking LED lights! Viva Las Vegas! Roll-the-dice Macau! So Surreal! So smelling of money! So casino!

The ceremony itself was very simple. First, the Taoist priest will ring the bell to inform Tai Sui of your presence. You bow, pray, then stick an incense stick into the bowl. Next proceed to the next God, I presume Wong Tai Sin, then finally your zodiac God. All it took was 15 minutes! And I should be lucky this year!


Tai Sui ticketing booth


Chinese Zodiacs – not sure what it says

If you are interested, you can have your fortune read as well at one of the numerous stall next to the temple. My ‘sage’ was a 90+ year old lady called Mrs Chan who looked not a day over 70! She had perfect porcelain white skin and a pretty wrinkle-free complexion! (I asked her her secret, to which she replied, “Stay out of the Sun!”)


Fortune-teller stalls located next to the temple compound

What is predicted to be in store for me in 2014? As usual, considering my age, “when I will meet my Mr Right.” (Urgh! Easily said than done…) According to Mrs Chan, he will show up very soon in the New Year! Thus, my bad luck year will turn out to be my Romantic year! Woohoo! Sure! Sure!

So while riding the MTR 2 weeks ago, Feb 14 (yes, Valentines’ Day) I saw this ad on the MTR and thought I’d give it a go. As soon as I posted, I got a few emails and have gone on a couple of dates. (So, yes, dear Readers, online dating was partly the reason I have not been blogging much the last 2 weeks)

Here’s some of the lucky fellas who has had the privilege of online dating with me!

Guy#1: Italian. Been on 2 dates with him. Ex-banker, plays the acoustic bass with a couple of bands around the Island, now heading a financial start-up. Thought we had some positive vibes but apparently not. I shall remember him as the ‘Dangerous Machiavelli’. A blessing that no date# 3 is on the cards. But he was a fab cook! 😋

Guy#2: American. In the aviation industry with a military background and had been in the 1st Gulf War *hero*. The first time we chatted over the phone, I was worried we had difficulty in communicating, what with his Texan drawl and my Australian lisp. Nevertheless, he sounded both professional, serious and mature. Our first meet-up last week was canceled because he had to fly out overseas to put out ‘fires’. (He just called, to explain, so all’s fine and we shall re-shedule a meet up later. *high-fives*)

Guy#3: Spanish. Not sure what he’s doing in Hong Kong, something in sports management but we are fixing a date to meet up. I guess we clicked online because we both did the Camino Santiago de Compostela.

Guy #4: Australian. Now he really piqued my interest! At first, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to communicate with him. He wrote in, I replied. Later we found out that we have the same circle of acquaintances in running and hiking. He sent me a link to his albums which I took a precursory look, but yesterday, somehow while doing an online search, his link popped up and I discovered that he had done some amazing races around the world including Marathon de Sables. So I did what any hot-blooded gal do, I emailed him and told him how amazing and intriguing he is and wanted to meet up with him. Gave him my number, but he has yet to reply or call. Woose…looser…so annoyed with him… I’m moving on!

Guy#5: English + Mayan Mix. Runs his own PR company and does part-time DJing around the Island. Might go watch him spin some music later. Here’s a link to his music: (removed for anonymity sake)  Pretty cool sounds, eh?

I don’t bother to reply to unhealthy looking or divorced with kids living with them, heheh!

Well, that’s all within 2 weeks of signing up the dating website. I guess response to my ad is pretty ‘OK’. I think my ‘rating’ can be improved if I can write a better profile narrative (which I had quickly hammered out just so I can read my messages). I also need to take a better picture of myself, make myself look less mixed and more approachable and sweet to the Chinese guys! 😉 (Not sure why, but I am still waiting for a nice Chinese boy to write to me!)

But so far, online dating is fun! 😘😘😘 Do give it a go, if you have not already!


New Year Horse @ Langham Place, Mongkok (made from fake flowers)