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Building a HK$100 Rump @ Tsui Wah, Hong Kong

Date of Visit:  Numerous

To build a butt like this, you need protein and LOTS of it.


Lifted this kickass arse from the internet.

If you are sick of drinking protein powders and looking for some cheap protein cuts to chew,  I suggest Tsui Wah.  The ones I frequent are in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, there are around 30 branches in Hong Kong-wide (and fast expanding into Macau and China too – it’s on the HK stock exchange).  It gets pretty crowded during meal times, so you have to know how to time your visit!

My HK$1oo Sizzling Steak Set Meal was quick and simple – arrived within 10 minutes!  It is also a proper 3-course meal – soup, main (sizzling steak) and coffee or tea!


Chinese-styled Diner

My bun… most delish and chewy…and a choice of sweet corn or vegetable soup.  (I like vegetable soup).


Bun with butter and Vegetable Soup


All’s calm before Steak before drizzled with Peppercorn Sauce

A little video clip… and I get SO excited with anything that sizzles on a hot plate!


Bubbling steak

Sometimes, I choose to be naughty and go for a Hotdog!



OR a Scrambled Egg Corn Beef Sub! (not as good as the Hotdog 😞 )


Scrambled Egg Corn Beef Sub

Maybe a  Chinese Pork Burger?  (Gosh!  This is SO filling!)


Chinese Pork Burger

The ABSOLUTE MUST is the Champagne Milk Tea


Champagne Milk Tea

10 thoughts on “Building a HK$100 Rump @ Tsui Wah, Hong Kong

      • Sort of. The body builders who I know use a whole lot of food supplements to get and stay lean which partially highlights their muscle structure. They certainly wouldn’t eat in HK low end restaurants where food if cooked in the cheapest possible oils and fats. 🙂 That is, unless something has changed since the days when I lived there.

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