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Drinkies @Vinexpo 2014 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Date of Visit:  May 28 2014

One simply does not pass on a freebie – especially when it is a free trade pass to Asia-Pacific Vinexpo, no?!


Vinexpo Asia-Pacific

Boy! Am I getting pissed today!! ūüėú

Spanning the entire 2 floors of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Level 1 houses all the New World Wines, whereas Level 3 is reserved exclusively for the French (and the odd Chinese winery or two, e.g. Dynasty, hoping to rub some Old World prestige into their spanking new establishments)

Since Vinexpo is the world’s premier wine and spirits festival, one should expect an impressive list of international exhibitors from over 30 countries.  The line-up of wines are mind-bogglingly overwhelming.  So one must definitely do a bit of homework Рresearch on the vineries, top producers, up-and-coming wines, etc-before attending!

Here are some of the wines sampled (pictures courtesy of Monsieur Wine Nut Рmy wine tasting buddy).


Premium French…


So much wine to sample…


More wines…

Tasting delicious wines can get a tad¬†boring and tedious,¬†so I started looking for interesting labels. ¬†Now, do tell, how many of you buy wines on the account of the quirkiness of the labels? ¬†Be it the name or graphics? ¬†I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of that ALL the time! ūüėú


A regal looking French Bulldog – my future pet! ūüėĄ

What about Hello Kitty sparkling wines?  I guess it is never too early to start training your kids to start drinking, right?


Starter Wines for kiddies

‘No Sex For Butterfly’¬†is a new line from¬†Chateau de Valcombe, only available in some¬†Scandinavian countries and Belgium at the moment. ¬†A quirky¬†label with¬†an interesting story in that vines are sprayed with electrostatic powder containing female pheromones. Male pests cannot find females because of the scent on their own bodies, and females reject them as mates because they think they are female, too. In this way, the insects are controlled without use of pesticides, thus stopping the male pests ¬†from¬†breeding and spoiling grape crops (read here).


I¬†like the crisp No Sex For Butterfly’s Chardonnay, but it was the Cabernet Sauvignon that blew me away. ¬†It was unusual as¬†both the nose and palate has hints of petroleum.


Quaffable Grenache

I was also introduced to a friend of a friend who is the 3rd generation¬†of this estate. ¬†ūüėö ¬†Unfortunately, I¬†cannot appreciate the wines fully given the numbness from all the tastings¬†but I do like the labels designed by¬†an ex-Hermes designer – Pierrre Le Tan.


20140528-190257-68577802.jpgDoes fast cars and wines mix?  Apparently not, but because the Chinese had over bought the Bordeaux 4 years back Рbidding up the prices in the process Рthey are currently  sitting on top of oversupply to the detriment of the Bordeaux producers.  So, what to do to?  Hence, the marketing gurus came up with the gimmick of beauties and fast cars to make Bordeaux sexy and desirable again!


I missed out on the conferences, tastings, and master classes hosted by the industry experts, so next year, remind me to register early for the classes!!

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