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A Bite + ‘Gromit Unleashed Hong Kong’ @ Elements Mall, Kowloon Station

Date of Visit:  August 13 2014

Weather in Hong Kong is very, very wet.

Still, I went ahead to meet a¬†friend for drinks at Kowloon Station when the¬†Amber Thunderstorm Alert was issued. ¬†I was on¬†the MTR when I suddenly realised that I had forgotten my umbrella, but its OK, I told myself since the walkways are¬†covered all the way from my place to Kowloon Station. ¬†Oops, what I also forgot was that the restaurant that we are meeting in, is at Civic Square on top of Kowloon Station, and the area is quite exposed… uh-oh!!

Madam S’Ate offers Happy Hour until 7pm on Weekdays (HK$50/ glass of wine). ¬†Perhaps I was not hungry, so¬†I was very undecided. A juicy steak looked enticing but I wasn’t in the mood for a heavy meal. ¬†Pizzas, pastas… ‘meh’... so I settled for the bar menu. The salted cod croquettes were alright, in fact, pretty good.


Salt cod croquettes, harissa and yoghurt

However, service was tardy.¬† The waitresses were flirting with a bunch of guys on the other table. ¬†My wine order was mixed up (waitress’s mistake), yet she asked if I would mind taking the wrong order. ¬†Normally I’d won’t mind, but seeing her tardiness,¬†I minded! ¬†ūüėú

We had to stay for an extra couple of hours in the restaurant to wait for the thunder and rain to subside… then I’m off to Elements Mall to see Gromit… and there were a lot of Gromits ¬†decorated in sorts. ¬†I wonder whether¬†Gromit minded?! ¬†Then again, why would he? ¬†He’s dressed up by designers, no?


And here is the¬†“The Greatest Dog Show on Earth in Asia”¬†unveiled in ELEMENTS.

“The only exhibition of decorated Gromit sculptures in Asia, inspired by a public art trail project named “Gromit Unleashed” that generated massive public attention throughout the UK last year. ¬†At the end of the exhibition, the giant Gromit sculptures will be auctioned in support of Wallace & Gromit‚Äôs Grand Appeal and children‚Äôs art programmes in hospitals across Hong Kong”. ¬†

Phew, with so many public art auctions nowadays… I’m presuming Hong Kong is trying really hard to push to become an¬†art lover’s destination?


Dreamy Balloon by Veronica Li (vnikali)

I love orchids!


Orchid Gromit by Philip Treacy

Gromit balancing a ball on his head.


Gromit’s adventure with his moon by Jimmy Liao

This is fun – Gromit with a fuchsia moustache!


Beauty Will Save the World by Kim Robinson

And a prickly Godzilla Gromit! ¬†Hey, this reminds me of someone! ūüėĄ


Gromzilla by Kiyoshi Daniel Kohatsu

Or maybe this one? ¬†ūüėú



There are still time to catch up with the 60-or-so Gromits in town, before they are auctioned off in September!  Hurry! Hurry!

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