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Spring Is Coming!💃Time to Learn Photography! 📷

Date of Visit: August 31 2014

“This August has been the wettest and coldest month on record since 1998.  The average temperature is 9C (where historically it has been 17C)…” ,rattled this off the news I watched last night. 😎

Today being the last day of winter and the first time in a long while I see the sun poking out from behind the clouds, I went to Royal Botanical Gardens to do my photography assignment.  Yes, I’ve finally decided to learn photography!  3 hours per Saturday for 5 weeks.   I’ve been editing too many crappy pictures from my summer trip – extremely disappointing –  that I reckon I should learn the technical aspects of handling a camera – pronto!

Being a sunny Sunday, there were a lot people armed with huge cameras blasting away.  Weighing in with my share… tulips, tulips and more tulips…





Grr… is it my camera or my photography skills?  I’m trying to capture the birds, by the way.


One of our assignment was to bracket the pictures to see the different exposures… Still playing around with my camera and discovering the many hidden functions it has!  Thrills!







Well, let’s see if my photography skills improves!  Meanwhile a toppled tree which I find very artistic -which also reminds me of the upside-down tree in our old architecture faculty building in uni…  Meanwhile, my instagrams ain’t look too shabby – check me out here!


Dracaena from Canary Islands. It produces resin for violin varnish. This tree is over 100 year old!

5 thoughts on “Spring Is Coming!💃Time to Learn Photography! 📷

  1. There is a series of photography books called “From Snap Shots to Great Shots” that I found incredibly useful. Each book is written specifically for a particular camera model and the authors are all photographers who not only tell you HOW to do things with your camera, but why you would want to. There are lots of example photos in the books so you can see exactly what they mean. You should see if there is a book written for your camera model!

  2. Practice, practice, practice… I always say. BTW, you hand eye coordination is faster than any camera’s auto focus. Switch to manual focus when you are trying to photograph something in motion like a bird.

    • Hi Ray, thanks for ur advice. I’ve been following ur blog and love ur amazing pictures. Can you recommend a good DSLR for a beginner? My instructor is recommending a Canon, but I’m hearing good things about Nikon too… thanks!

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