Hiking: Chilling Out @ Tai O Infinity Pool

Date Of Visit:  June 26 2014

The Tai O Infinity Pool used to be one of the best kept secret in Hong Kong until recently.  I was extremely appalled to read from online news feed that the pool is now officially a ‘garbage pool’ littered by selfish hikers and campers!  This is totally outrageous – hikers should leave no traces of their visits to the natural environment – so take away your rubbish, please!

Tai O is an old fishing village in Hong Kong,  and often referred to as ‘Venice of the East’.

We caught Bus #11 from Tung Chung Bus Terminus.  There’s a bus departing every 30minutes – and it fills up fast.  The scenic journey takes around 40minutes.


Fishing boats and gorgeous waters

To get to the Infinity Pool, one simply has to walk along the boardwalk then turn to the right at the very end of the boardwalk, then continue walking on the path for 45 minutes.  The path is easy to walk and rather well shaded (but I still got sun-burnt! 😬 )


Pink Boardwalk

But beware of the huge spiders, though!


Massive Spider busy spinning its web

The Infinity Pool is an abandoned water dam.   To the delights of the hikers, the cold waters are a welcoming delight to refresh after a longish hike! But shhh…it’s not actually legal to swim in it!  😬


Old Water Dam

The Tai O infinity Pool is also called the Man Cheung Po Infinity Pool.  The waterfall is liken to a 10,oo0 foot piece of cloth falling from the sky – literal Cantonese translation.  It’s a pretty oasis of half natural and half man-made, surrounded by waterfalls .



Waters from the waterfall can run very fast especially after rains.


There are 2 pools. A natural pool on the top, and a man-made pool at the bottom.


View from the main pool, higher up

Catchment pool at the bottom aka Infinity Pool.



During the weekends, the pool can be overly crowded with people.  But today?  It was empty.  The 3 lucky ladies had the whole pool all to ourselves!  And it was a perfectly lovely day too!




Me again…

Let’s hope the litter situation improves… Be considerate folks!  Take away your litter!  Litterbugs are not welcomed!  Jitterbugs are! 😉