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Week 2 ✓!

Date:  September 5 2014

Week 2 ticked.  Not a good week at all because I only lost 1.6% body fat this past week.  Grr…very, very annoying. I shall blame it on the weather – and boredom.  I snacked on a few extra almonds and brazils nuts on top of my allowance on my nutrition plan.  Coach’s advice was to eat 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or nut butter after dinner to keep the cravings away…  Anyway, the cold weather has gotten so bad that I climb into my electric blanket at 8:30pm! 😅


9g of Macadamia nuts are in fact 3 macadamia nuts!

Good news is, tomorrow, I am allowed a cheat meal.  So I’m going to have a huge bag of chips and a cherry ripe chocolate bar after dinner!

Here’s David Jones’ Annual Spring Flower Show currently showing in the City Store.  Enjoy!






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