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QF127 From Sydney to Hong Kong (II)

Date of Travel:  November 24 2014

ALWAYS stick to your original flight schedule!  NEVER EVER change it!  I received a massive wallop to my wallet to the tune of A$500 – because my fare is “no longer a cheap fare”???

Not happy but anyway, I got a lift to the airport from my friend who brought me for breakfast at Bread & Circus, a very popular cafe in Alexandria.


‘Breakfast with Gwen’: 2 fried eggs, spinach and quinao & Sour dough, tomato and avocado

I didn’t particularly enjoyed the flight – squeezed in the middle – despite paying Business Class,  I was suspecting I’m going Premium Economy!  Anyhow, these are what I ate…(previous trip here)

I got the side of fruits because somehow in Qantas’ system, I’ve registered for a ‘Fruit Platter’?   But lucky, they had enough food around so I could order off Neil Perry’s Rockpool menu.



APERITIF:  Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc with nibblies.


 ENTREE:  Quite liked this –  the eggplants and pomegranate


Smoked Cured Lamb with Roast Eggplant and Capsicum, Pomegranate, Mint and Harissa Dressing

 MAIN:  Ocean trout was way overdone, me no like


Pan Fried Ocean Trout with Zucchini. Chilli and Tomato Scapece. Polenta and Pine Nut Pesto

 DESSERT: Very enjoyable


Cheese with Accompaniments

PRE-LANDING SNACK:  So not good…meh!


Salt and Pepper Quail with Cabbage and Radish Salad

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