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Fleeced… @Sumo Sushi Sake Event 2014

Date of Visit: December 13 2014

The weekend past has been fuelled with booze… First up, was the Sumo Sushi Sake event on Saturday at West Kowloon.  It was a disappointment, as I was looking forward to some awesome sushi and sashimi.  But instead, they had half-assed California rolls, noodles in a cup (😱 !!), yakitori, chips and other Japanese street food…I felt I had been fleeced of HK$320 (inclusive of 9 tokens) for the entrance fee.


The crime scene

We were early, so basically sat under the sun for 3+hours to wait for the sumo wrestling to start…

The sumo wrestlers were not in great shape either.  I can’t see much due to the crowd in front of me.  But lucky me was standing next to a really tall guy who was taping the event, so I watched the match on his phone!😜


Sumo Wrestlers

View of Victoria Harbour on my way to Port-a-loo.  Do remember to bring own hand sanitiser and toilet papers!😝


Victoria Harbour

This is the most expensive sake in the event.  I exchanged 7 tokens (HK$87.50) for a cup.  It was good – smooth and dry.


Premium Sake 40 tokens (HK$500)

So that I don’t stuff up my nutrition plan, I had 3 skewers of the beef tongue and a skewer of mushrooms…


Yakitori: Beef tongue @ 4 tokens each (HK$50) and mushroom @2 tokens each (HK$25)

Unfortunately, I needed something ‘stronger’ to soak up sake… so here comes the spoiler… chips!  Which, I must say is very good and deserves a thumbs up! 👍


Chips: 4 tokes (HK$50)

My friends and I shared 2 bottles of sake…cheap…but they did the trick…left me laying awake half the night!


Cheap Sake #1


Cheap Sake #2

Well, since I have 2 tokens (HK$25) left, I might as well redeem this can of “Berry Sparkling Sake”… It’s still sitting in my fridge as I’m not going to OD on sugar!


Sake in a can

No doubt – I WILL NOT be back!

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