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‘Take Another View On Art’ @ Landmark, Hong Kong

Date:  March 2015

In conjunction with Art Basel Hong Kong, the atrium in Landmark is transformed into an extraordinary art space where an enormous dome is suspended in mid-air.  The exhibition called ‘Take Another View on Art’ brings exceptional museum-quality art to the city, featuring original artworks by Claude Monet, Marc Chagall, Zao Wou-ki and Zeng Fanzhi amongst others, and valued collectively at over a whooping HK$140 million!

These masterpieces are hung under an iridescent aerial installation created by architect William Lim.  The audience is invited to view 9 aerially installed masterpieces under the dome through telescopes.

For those inclined, featured art works are:

- Alex Prager, 3:14pm, Pacific Ocean (2012) from Lehmann Maupin
- Claude Monet, Entrée de Giverny en hiver, soleil couchant (1885) from Christie’s
- Laurent Grasso, Eclipse (2012) from Edouard Malingue Gallery
- Marc Chagall, Les fleurs devant la fenêtre à Paris (1976) from Opera Gallery
- Simon Birch, The Cutter (2014) from Ben Brown Fine Arts
- Stella Zhang, 0-Viewpoint-3-11 (2011) from Galerie du Monde
- Xu Longsen, Celestial Shore (2011) from Hanart TZ Gallery
- Zao Wou-ki, 07.06.63 (1963) from de Sarthe Gallery
- Zeng Fanzhi, Untitled (2002)


The dome


Tired visitors sitting outside the dome… perhaps instagraming or FB-ing😜





Aerial display of the artworks



Explosion of colours and lights


A different perspective at looking at a masterpiece


…Closing time…

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