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A 4-hours Drive Up North To Watch SBS??

Date of Visit:  Aril 3-6 2015

This Easter past, a friend and I went up north to Camden Haven for a 4D3N break.  Our plan was to do some hikes around the Greater Port Macquarie area – and Laurieton, being quite central, became our base.  We stayed at the ground floor of a river-front apartment.

Lakes and rivers are a feature of the locale, thus explaining the number of boats and fishing activities.  If we had known that the weather will be so gloomy, we would have brought along our fishing rods!


Aspire Pelican H2O Apartments

Gloomy skies greeted us for the first 3 days we were there…


Dark grey sky and fog passing for winter scenes in Scandinavia!


Fog covered the North Brother Mountain

Fortunately, on our very last night, the sky cleared.  We got an awesome sunset – and some colours at last!  😊




With the rain subsiding, we did not want to lose the opportunity to walk off the chocolate easter eggs and chips we had indulged, so we did a brisk walk around the track nearby before it gets too dark… Seems that the local residents have the same idea!






One of the many fishing boats in the area

Views of the lake, glowing in gold!


Breathtaking sunset


Pretty picture taken by my friend on her iPhone

Happy with our short ‘hike’, once we returned to our rental, we switched on TV to watch news on SBS (ethnic TV station)  … there really are not many TV channels in small country-towns.. but nevertheless, we were happy with our vacay!

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