Week 3 + Week 4 ✔️

Week 3:  September 12 2014

I didn’t lose much weight this week,instead I gained 1kg of lean muscle! 😱

So, now under 20% body fat, having lost 1.3% body fat, currently  standing at 19.4% in week 3.

In body-building, that’s a good thing – ‘cos for each kg of lean muscle built, one burns an extra 444 calories a day.  But I’m still living in ‘normal’ people’s worlds – entrenched in what the scales say and obsessing over lower numbers each time I on the scales! Duh!  I’m disappointed, anyway…

My training is going well – pushing hard, training 5 times a week.  Lots of squats – an exercise I’ve stopped doing for the past 4 years since I fractured my hip bone.  I’m slowly warming to squats after learning the breathing techniques, and I must say, I’m starting to enjoy it!  Good news for my booties!

Gameplan for the week ahead:  Tightening up my diet by reducing sugar free lollies, sauces to pep up my meals, diet cokes…. basically reducing eating empty hidden calories..

I’m also test-driving my new dessert treat – coconut oil mixed with nut butter (raw nuts blitzed in a high-power blender). I’m going to eat 2 tablespoons of it after dinner as a treat.

Until next week… xx

Week 4:  September 22 2014

The past week, I got a new nutritional plan so am consuming 6 meals a day!  Wowsers!  I’m constantly cooking and stuffing myself silly.  Being a glutton is NOT pleasurable at all, it’s a painful chore!!  Up to date, I’ve lost a grand total of 6.1% body fat, standing at 18.5% body fat.  Still a long way to go – like, 8%-9% body fat to cut!  My goal is 57kg at 10% body fat!

Gameplan for the week ahead:  Ditch all sugar-free fizzy drinks (am drinking 3 diet cokes per day…)


My cheat treat on Saturday: A man-sized bag of crisp, a bottle of Pinto Gris (yes!) and some Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream

PS:  In case you are wondering if I’m doing some cheesy poolside bikini comp, here’s the epitome of the bikini athletes.  Watch the distraction here:

Week 2 ✓!

Date:  September 5 2014

Week 2 ticked.  Not a good week at all because I only lost 1.6% body fat this past week.  Grr…very, very annoying. I shall blame it on the weather – and boredom.  I snacked on a few extra almonds and brazils nuts on top of my allowance on my nutrition plan.  Coach’s advice was to eat 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or nut butter after dinner to keep the cravings away…  Anyway, the cold weather has gotten so bad that I climb into my electric blanket at 8:30pm! 😅


9g of Macadamia nuts are in fact 3 macadamia nuts!

Good news is, tomorrow, I am allowed a cheat meal.  So I’m going to have a huge bag of chips and a cherry ripe chocolate bar after dinner!

Here’s David Jones’ Annual Spring Flower Show currently showing in the City Store.  Enjoy!






Week 1✓! Diet Treats…

Just a quick update on my Bikini Fitness progress.  I lost 2.3% body fat and dropped 1.3kg in a week! Dieting wasn’t too hard – but the training was… 5 times per week!

My nutritional plan included a variety of meats (kangaroo, steak, pork, chicken and turkey), fishes (salmon and barramundi) and lots of nuts (macadamia, almonds and brazil nuts – all raw).  And of course, my new BFF is the electronic kitchen scale I use to measure ALL my food!


Kangaroo meat from Coles Supermarket

Meat and nuts for breakfast?!  Never!  But this is my breakfast!  76g of Kangaroo, 34g Raw Brazil Nuts and 67g Blueberries.


Sample pic of my brekkie

My snack:  90g Chicken cooked in Coconut oil and 49g Boiled Sweet Potato


Sample pic of my mid-morning snack

And of course a shedload of vitamins (up to 24 tablets) a day for an even stronger body!


Vitamins!! 💪 💪💪

Let’s see how I measure up next week!