Quivo, Pavilion KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Date of Visits:  Various since April 2015

There are many, many restaurants in Pavilion KLCC – and the thing is, they all serve practically the same stuff!

I have been frequenting Quivo quite often when I’m in town.  I like the interior decor – pretty and swanky, like sitting in a furniture shop 😜 – and with the opened terrace, I can indulge in my favourite activity that is people-watching, while sitting high up in the high chair by the bar area!

Pretty swish interior

The barman is entertaining too when he’s juggling the bottles to mix drinks! 👯👯


Bar area

Art-deco-mod Menu Cover! (Slightly tired nonetheless…)

To drink…

A fruit juice combo (carrot, berries,etc..?)

Vino blanco💃🏻

There’s also a wide range of alcoholic beverages and cocktails which I shall try and Instagram (check me out here ) next time instead…

Even though I have been there a few times, I only just realised that Quivo is a ‘Mediterranean inspired restaurant’ when I googled it!  😜  Ex..see..Q..see..mee!  Anyway, here are pictures of stuffs I’ve tried!

A piping hot Cheesy Spinach Dip with toasted pita bread.  Nice snack while waiting for the mains to arrive.


Spinach Dip

The healthy Meze share plate.  There’s hummus made from chickpeas and spicy salsa with roasted peppers.  There’s an inflated pita bread to dip the hummus and salsa and crunchy crudités and olives for munching.


Mezze Platter

Chicken Caesar with an overly generous coating of shaved parmesan cheese, but only a skewer of chicken.  Although, I like the salad, I didn’t like the rock-hard cold chicken nor the poached egg with a just-thawed yolk!


Chicken Caesar Salad

We have tried a couple of the burgers on the menu. Here’s a picture of the Spicy Fish Burger that I’ve tried, it was good – and rather healthy with grilled barramundi and extra jalapeños for a kick!

Spicy Fish

The Philly Style Wagyu Steak Sandwich was seared beef stacked with onions, grilled peppers, stir-fried mushrooms, cheese and mustard-mayo in a hoagie roll.  It was very American! So, I don’t think it is Mediterranean at all! Still, it was a nice stomach filler.

Philly Style Wagyu Steak Sandwich

The paddle board pizza selections are highly recommended!  If I recall, you can choose to have either the regular or thin crust pizza base.


Pizza Margherita

And last but not least, the Fish and Chips


Fish and Chips

…’til next time!

‘Superhero Mode’ @Strato, Troika KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Date of Visit:  May 17 2015

Tired of eating around the Pavilion and Suria KLCC vicinity, my brother and I decided to done our capes to venture further afield – i.e. to cut across the KLCC Park over to Troika, a residential building complex designed by Norman Forster.  *superhero mode*🙌

In the heat of a tropical showdown, getting to the restaurant on foot is a mission in itself.  First, we have to contend with the heat, find our way through the park,  dodge speeding cars  then upon arriving at the destination to find out where among the 2 buildings that ‘famed’ Troika Sky Dining is located.

After enquiring with the guards on duty, we were escorted to the elevator and transported to level 23A…slightly dishevelled and sweaty!

Since we were early – the restaurant only opens at 12pm – we were seated at Claret (the bar), downstairs and given the drinks and food menu to peruse… Interestingly, being an Italian resto, there were pages and pages listing pasta and pizzas… with only 1 page of mains…hmmm…😏


I quite like ‘kiddy’ graphics for the menu

The downstairs bar area is called ‘Claret’

Circular stairs to ‘Strato’ restaurant

View down to ‘Claret’ bar


Strato, the Italian restaurant on the upper deck

Bench-style seating for the lone diners. Let the KLCC park views do the talkin’

No kidding – check out our obstacles in getting to our lunch here!


Part of KLCC park under construction/renovation – but see what I meant when I said getting to the resto was a mission! ☺️

We were entertained by a group of aunties reliving their high-school days, let loose in the marvel of the apps on their smartphones.  They were happily WhatsApp-ing and FaceBook-ing each other (whilst in the presence of each other nonetheless?!🙊…) and with their friends in virtual space.

Cute reminder, but why bother?? 😳

I ordered the No.3 Rickey (steep at RM36++) – gin, fresh lime, soda and no sugar – it was an OK drink.  I didn’t get any ‘kick’ out of it! 😛


My gin – and a disconnected but ‘wired’ lunch companion

While waiting for my lunch, my tummy started to rumble.  I guess it must be a sign of heatstroke… So off I went to the Ladies’… Sometimes, I wonder why in Malaysia or in other developing Asian countries, things are always half-done.  Here, we have a beautiful restaurant which was very thoughtfully conceived, but when it comes to the servicing part – e.g. the toilets, guests are made to run up/ down the dusty fire-stairs to a toilet that doesn’t even flush properly!

Complimentary Foccacia

Much to our delight, there’s set lunch where we only need to pick a choice for each course! RM50++ for 2 courses and RM65++ for 3 courses.  Naturally, we opted for the later, dessert was bonus for braving the ‘elements’.

The octopus salad was good. The deep-fried transparent leaves added a touch of colour to a  well composed plate of yellow, green, orange…and a squeeze of lemon imparted tanginess to the salted and smoked bean puree.

Grilled baby Octopus with smashed borlotti beans and lobster oil

I had a little ‘surprise’ when the beef tenderloin arrived as I find it very small.  The tenderloin might have weighed less 100g, but for the price of the set lunch, I should not be surprised. Nonetheless, it was well executed and I enjoyed it.


Pan seared grass fed Tenderloin, roasted root vegetables and porcini jus (there were typos in the menu, but I won’t harp on it! 😜)

Beef done medium-rare, accompanied by roasted turnips, shallots, baby carrot and spinach

Budino is a sweet traditional Italian dessert, rich and creamy like a custard pudding. Here, it is served with plumped-up sweetened cranberries and biscuit crumbs.  It wasn’t too sweet, so I was happy with my choice and it was a good end to our lunch!

Vanilla Budino & Mixed Berries Compote

We lingered a bit with our coffees after the meal…


Complimentary Coffee

Typically in tropical climes, after a really hot morning, dark clouds will roll in to bring in a storm for a cool-down.  Seeing the dark skies, we decided to hurry home…


The Twin Towers of Malaysia

A Bite + ‘Gromit Unleashed Hong Kong’ @ Elements Mall, Kowloon Station

Date of Visit:  August 13 2014

Weather in Hong Kong is very, very wet.

Still, I went ahead to meet a friend for drinks at Kowloon Station when the Amber Thunderstorm Alert was issued.  I was on the MTR when I suddenly realised that I had forgotten my umbrella, but its OK, I told myself since the walkways are covered all the way from my place to Kowloon Station.  Oops, what I also forgot was that the restaurant that we are meeting in, is at Civic Square on top of Kowloon Station, and the area is quite exposed… uh-oh!!

Madam S’Ate offers Happy Hour until 7pm on Weekdays (HK$50/ glass of wine).  Perhaps I was not hungry, so I was very undecided. A juicy steak looked enticing but I wasn’t in the mood for a heavy meal.  Pizzas, pastas… ‘meh’... so I settled for the bar menu. The salted cod croquettes were alright, in fact, pretty good.


Salt cod croquettes, harissa and yoghurt

However, service was tardy.  The waitresses were flirting with a bunch of guys on the other table.  My wine order was mixed up (waitress’s mistake), yet she asked if I would mind taking the wrong order.  Normally I’d won’t mind, but seeing her tardiness, I minded!  😜

We had to stay for an extra couple of hours in the restaurant to wait for the thunder and rain to subside… then I’m off to Elements Mall to see Gromit… and there were a lot of Gromits  decorated in sorts.  I wonder whether Gromit minded?!  Then again, why would he?  He’s dressed up by designers, no?


And here is the “The Greatest Dog Show on Earth in Asia” unveiled in ELEMENTS.

“The only exhibition of decorated Gromit sculptures in Asia, inspired by a public art trail project named “Gromit Unleashed” that generated massive public attention throughout the UK last year.  At the end of the exhibition, the giant Gromit sculptures will be auctioned in support of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal and children’s art programmes in hospitals across Hong Kong”.  

Phew, with so many public art auctions nowadays… I’m presuming Hong Kong is trying really hard to push to become an art lover’s destination?


Dreamy Balloon by Veronica Li (vnikali)

I love orchids!


Orchid Gromit by Philip Treacy

Gromit balancing a ball on his head.


Gromit’s adventure with his moon by Jimmy Liao

This is fun – Gromit with a fuchsia moustache!


Beauty Will Save the World by Kim Robinson

And a prickly Godzilla Gromit!  Hey, this reminds me of someone! 😄


Gromzilla by Kiyoshi Daniel Kohatsu

Or maybe this one?  😜



There are still time to catch up with the 60-or-so Gromits in town, before they are auctioned off in September!  Hurry! Hurry!

Hey Sista, Go Sista, Flow Sista… @ Wooloomooloo Prime, The One , TST, Hong Kong

OH MY, Oh my… goodness gracious me!  How had my blog stalled!  Well, can’t blame me.  I’ve got myself a saucy gal pal and we have been hitting the town.  It never cease to amuse me how grotesquely retarded some guys are – Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce sour?  Excuse me??  I don’t speak French, but I think I know what that means from ‘Lady Marmalade’!!  F-Off Loser!

Some updates…

On my dating front, I’ve called it quits.  Enough with phatic expressions and raking my brains with what to say.  I don’t need more stress in my life!  The last date – bless him, he came all the way from Macau to meet me – was akin to meeting my university professor, talking about archi-torture, deconstructivism and Zaha Hadid for 2 solid hours (?) – man, can you find a drier subject??  To my credit, I  did try to read Umberto Eco’s works, hoping to make me more intellectual, I read, and I read, but I could not make any sense! Daunting indeed…and unlike Zaha, I’m too feeble to stick to my guns to pursue my dreams for over 20 years!

A promo clip of Zaha’s latest commission in Macau – City of Dreams Hotel Tower.

Deconstructivism, by the way, is  ‘anti postmodern’, basically a study of semiotics – signs, metaphor, symbolisms and a whole heck of goodness know what – I did attempt to understand it, but in the end, I figured, hey, why not distort all the lines on my CAD drawings – and voila!  Deconstructivism!  Elementary!  But of course this is not what it is…

The past month I resumed hiking, took up belly dancing and been out on several wine masterclasses.  I’m also making marked improvement in my physique, breaking my PRs and having lost 8 lbs of fat since January – and getting RESPECT in the gym.  LOL

‘Nuff said, I met up with my uni mate on a wet melancholy day in Wooloomooloo Prime @ The One, one of my fav places in TST (previous post here).  We had the perfunctory 3-course set lunch menu…pics and my 2-cents follows…

Date of Visit:  May 9 2014



Smoked Duck Carpaccio, celeriac, Baby Spinach and Hazelnut Dressing

Tasteless duck carpaccio with a thick layer of solidified fat with neither a hint of smokiness about it.  Hazelnut dressing was bland, I thought perhaps some anchovies might give some saltiness that the smoked duck lacked…  The celeriac-slaw was alright – and the baby spinach too.

Main Course


King Fish with Purple Coleslaw, Crispy Almonds and Yellow Capsicum Sauce (HK$218)

The King Fish was severely overdone and tasted like rubber.  We asked to change which the waitress graciously allowed. We noticed later, that this is the most popular choice in the resto, and perhaps due to our earlier complaints  the cook took care to not leave the fish too long on the grill (as we noted none were returned to the kitchen).  Kudos to us! 😜


Slow-cooked Cajun Spring Chicken with Creamy Lentils, Cabbage and Fresh Lime (HK$228)

The chicken fared better.  Juicy and succulent but unfortunately not properly cooked in the middle.  By then, I was too full to complain – the creamy lentils and the cabbages paired well.


My friend ordered Tiramisu, while I had the cheese plate.  I should be on carb-cycling diet at the moment – Day 1:  High-carb Low-fat; Day 2:  Moderate-carb Low-fat;  Day 3:  Low-carb Moderate-fat; Day 4:  Zero-carb High-fat.  It’s an easy plan to follow if you are a hermit in a cave, but because I like to go out, I tend to be on Day 3 most of the time… so far, I’m still making progress in the gym… but I really need to be more disciplined by NOT eating out if I want a more dramatic transformation! 😱 😱 😱


Tiramisu with Amaretto, Lady Fingers and Chocolate Tuile


Cheese Selection wit Dried Fruits, Nuts, Apples and Crackers

We took time to finish with our complimentary tea and coffee – watching the the rain drops beating on the windows and the grey skies clearing to reveal a very clear unpolluted skyline of Victoria Harbour, it was the best 3 hours spent in perfect girly talk.  Flow Sista!  See you in June!  😘


Raindrops falling on my window

Wooloomooloo Prime @ The One, TST, Hong Kong

Date of Visit: January 7 2013

I have been training in earnest since I returned from my gastronomic trip in Tokyo nearly 2 weeks ago- and I might have gone slightly overboard in the short time seeing that I hit the sack at 7:30pm!  Crux came when I couldn’t push the leg press at 23olbs which I had easily done so last session!  Perhaps it is time to ease back on my daily 45mins cardio (which I do running in the park).  Or perhaps the culprit was the lunch that I had right before my gym session??  (Psst… I’m referring to you Chard-y!)  

Let’s ‘analyse’!

My scrumptious lunch today was in the company of my Mom and her besties at Wooloomooloo Prime (together with one of their daughters and my Bro).  If Wooloomooloo sounds familiar, it’s the name of a suburb in Sydney and it’s a Modern Australian  steak house.  There are 3 restaurants in the ‘chain’ – Wanchai, TST and TST East.  The one that I frequented often is the branch at TST East where they have a nightly liveband.  A gym buddy of mine used to sing there and the rest of the gang will check-in to replenish after gym!

Talk about a spec entrance – floor-to-ceiling-glass windows, timber floorings, high ceilings, little niches to sit, curl up and get comfy – in short, I like the layout!


Versatile high-chair seating area for more casual ‘do’s – check out the floor-to-ceiling views



Meats Store


Bar area with an outdoor patio

Who can deny the spectacular views from Level 21?  Pity the sky is hazy (a normal occurrence in Hong Kong – pollution courtesy of Shenzhen, China) and the windows a tad dirty… Nevertheless, still admirable!  They also have an outdoor patio seating – especially fab for Happy Hours!


Views towards Victoria Harbour


Views towards TST East


Main Restaurant Area


Wine display and cutlery area


Fire-woods displayed for ‘warmth’

Tour over, now over to the food!


Lunch Menu


Wine Specials for lunch -HK$50/glass is cheap!

Complimentary white roll, warm from the oven, cripsy on the outside and fluffy-soft in the inside.


My lone roll

Pictures and some commentaries on our 3-Course Executive Set Lunch (the price of the set is dependent on the Main course selected)

My Mom had the soup whereas the rest of us had the salad.  The salad was thoroughly enjoyable, poached ginger pear with specially selected baby spinach leaves (ie. unbruised!).  Loved the spanish onions, but the burping afterwards was unwelcomed – not lady-like.  😜


Watercress soup with Sour cream & Garlic Croutons

Baby Spinach, Ginger Poached Pear & Cherry Tomato Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

The rest of the table had the steak.  If you have lived in Hong Kong long enough, you shall be able to distinguish between the Chinese-style (e.g. at Steik World Meats, my review here) and the more Australian grilling style e.g. in Wooloomooloo.  Needless to say, everyone enjoyed their ‘Australian-styled’ steak at Wooloomooloo.


Grilled Australian rib Eye with Roasted Potatoes, Bell Pepper & Madeira Jus (HK$258)

I’m the only one having the Salmon.  I’m looking at the Omegas and lesser fattening protein sources for my body.  😃 Loved the perfect salmon with crispy skin and the vegetables that went with it!


Seared Crispy Salmon Fillet with Celery Root Puree, Asparagus & Baby Carrot (HK$218)

My Mom had her favourite dessert – the Australian classic – a Pavlova complete with fresh cream and fruits on the meringue shell.


Pavlova with Fresh Fruits, Chantilly Cream & Passionfruit Coulis

My Bro had the Creme Brûlée.


Creme Brûlée with Fresh Mint, Strawberry & Blueberries

I had the ice-cream selection – a scoop of lychee and another of almond.  A sugar-shot!


Italian Gelato & Sorbet with Marinated Berries & Almond Wafers

So what killed me in the gym?  My trainer said a full stomach with gelato and that glass of wine.  He’d never heard of anyone hitting the weights after a glass of wine – so  I am the first! Hah!

Super-Quick Lunch @ Lucques Tavern, Ocean Terminal, TST, Hong Kong

Date of Visit: December 9 2013

People in Hong Kong are always on-the-go, therefore, food must be served fast. Here is an example of a super-fast lunch service – my entire lunch set was served in 10 minutes from the moment I sat down! I could have finished the meal and be out of the restaurant in under 20 minutes if I had not paced myself but of course I took my own sweet time!

Lucques Tavern occupies where the ex-Dan Ryan (on 2/F of Ocean Terminal) used to be, popular for its unlimited refillable bread basket especially the walnut muffins – sadly the quality and quantity deteriorated with time and along it the food, so it was bye-bye Dan Ryan…

I had the option of being seated in the main dining room or at the bar area with high chairs. Since I find high chairs more comfortable, I requested for the latter. Service was very swift, as soon as I was seated my water tumbler was quickly filled and my complimentary bread arrived.

The ciabatta bread and its accompaniments of olives and almonds added a very nice touch, but the bread was over-night bread simply ‘rejuvenated’ by being toasted. I noted in amusement the use of rock salt for the bread (?) 😄


Ciabatta bread with olives and almonds, butter and salt

I was given 3 menus to order from – drinks, á la carte and set lunch. It wasn’t too difficult since I only wanted a salad. I chose a Baby Spinach Salad with fresh pear, feta , candied walnuts and bacon. The lunch set (HK$98 ++) comes with a choice of soup (either a lobster bisque or vegetable) and tea or coffee. Within 10 minutes, all my order had arrived, making a pretty cramped table!


Bread, Soup and Drinks

The vegetable soup was a very bland consommé, but on a brighter note, the vegetables were rather fresh, so I finished the vegs.


Vegetable Soup

The Baby Spinach Salad was very mediocre, leaving room for much improvement – stingy pinch of feta cheese, lots of crushed candies with the walnuts nowhere to be seen. I forgot to ask for my dressing to be on-the-side, so got a very well-dressed salad, where each leaf of the baby spinach was well-massaged with some garlicky balsamic dressing.  (Honestly, any cafe in Sydney can do better – but after conversion at A$14 for the lunch set, well…)


Baby Spinach Salad

Overall the service was good and attentive, and I appreciated the complimentary olives and nuts.

Interior-wise, it was bright with walls painted in white; dark timber and beige vinyl upholstery for the furnishings. I like the idea of ‘rivets’ on the beams and pillars of the restaurant, giving it a very ‘inside the hull of a ship’, mariner-feel. The bar area was also opened up to make it more central to the restaurant with a view out to see the harbour, (that is if there is no ocean liner parked there).


View out to the harbour

Lighting-wise, I found the globe lightings in the bar area and the wall lights with adjustable arms slightly mismatched – then again, this is only my personal opinion.


Bar area


View into the main dining room room from where I was sitting

It’s Christmas time!  Naturally all the malls are decked out in the festive cheer!  So, watch this space as I bring you mall-hopping around Hong Kong!  😄


A ToyStory Christmas Tree in the atrium of Ocean Terminal Mall