Why Malaysians Have Zits On Their Faces ūüėú@Mamak, Chatswood

Date of Visit: August 21 2014

When one¬†made the decision to embark on a fitness competition – yeah, I engaged the N√ļmero Uno Fitness Competition Coach in Australia for a 6-weeks foundation prep while I’m back in Sydney for a bikini fitness competition sometime in March or May next year (haven’t decided on the competition yet) – ethnic food DOES NOT sound appetising at all! ūüėį

But since my friend ‘…really, REALLY want nasi lemak (sic)‘ (to quote her) and I’ve not met her for a long time, I gave in… ¬†We met at Mamak Malaysian Cuisine in Chatswood, a suburb in North Sydney.

On the menu… Carbs, carbs and more carbs with loads of sugar to edge off the hot spicy chili…

I couldn’t¬†find anything lesser in carbs (or sugar) ¬†content, so I settled for a half dozen beef satays.


Beef Satay (A$9 for half-dozen or A$16 for a dozen).

What can I say?? ¬†The satays at Mamak were better than Malaysia Airlines’ – ¬†although a bit tougher! I didn’t try the peanut sauce because I know it is¬†very sweet. I gave to my friend who¬†polished it off – along with the 4 extra serves of sambal with her nasi lemakl! ¬†I can only look on – saying nothing – but totally astonished! Here is a skinny woman who is ALWAYS complaining that she is fat, yet wolfing down calorifically-laden junks – ¬†at the same time explaining that she eats a lot (I can see that). ¬†Still,¬†complaining that she is fat; ¬†in-between mouthfuls, when she is skinny, is totally not on! ¬†ūüė§ ūüė§ ūüė§