Elephant Parade, Pacific Mall, Admiralty

After the 1,600 Pandas departed, the Elephants stampeded into Hong Kong.   Elephant Parade is the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues created by artists and celebrities.  After the exhibition, the statues will be auctioned.  The idea is to use the power of art to bring forth a meanful message of animal conservation and protection.  Individuals can also buy miniature replicas of the elephants whereby 20% of the net profit are donated to The Asian Elephant Foundation.

Since it was Amber Rainstorm today, I was at Pacific Place Mall today to watch a movie.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the elephants dotted around the mall and had a fun time taking pictures.

Hah!  A map of HK, no doubt dedicated to Hiker Dude 😜

Pearl of the Orient by Diana Francis

Pearl of the Orient by Diana Francis


‘Maclehose Trail’, the gruesome 100km Oxfam Trail Walk where some teams managed to finish in 13 hours!

Money makes the world go round, and so the auspicious lucky coin Elephants to reign in good fortune for the Mall


Lucky Coins by Santi Takaew

And with the mooncake season or mid-autumn festival coming up, an Elephant Mooncake sounds like a good festive creation

Mooncake by Kitipong Tamnonsri

Mooncake by Kitipong Tamnonsri

A statue designed by my favourite designer.


DVF, Love is Life by Diane von Furstenberg

Hong Kong is a tourist destinations and of course a couple of Elephants decorated with local flavours are a must!  Themes included food and tourist landmarks.


Yum-Ephant by Diana Francis

We Love Hong Kong by Carsac Limited

We Love Hong Kong by Carsac Limited


Commandments of God by Prajjwal Choudhury

One of the crowd’s favourite as judged by the number of people taking pictures.  The cutest of ’em all, I reckon!  This is by celebrated local designer Carrie Chau

The Hiding Men and The Elephant by Carrie Chau

The Hiding Men and The Elephant by Carrie Chau

The Hiding Men and The Elephant by Carrie Chau

The Hiding Men and The Elephant by Carrie Chau


The Hiding Men and The Elephant by Carrie Chau

The exhibition started on August 1 and will continue to September 9 2014.  Do pay the Elephant Parade a visit – other locations includes CityPlaza in Taikoo Shing and CityGate in Tung Chung.

Tree of Life exclusively designed for Pacific Place by Diana Francis

Tree of Life exclusively designed for Pacific Place by Diana Francis

Barking Up The Wrong Tree?? @Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls, Hong Kong

So, I am back in Hong Kong from my hols.  The first thing I did was going on a hike with Hiker Dude – against the advise of my girl friends.  “Why would you want to go hiking with someone who’s giving you confusing signals?”.   Anyway, I followed my heart, took the advise of my guy friends who (3 out of 3) all encouraged me to give the relationship a chance – so I went.  My BFF, a guy, even gave me the comparison of ‘instant noodles and a steak’.  Huh?  I guess the premise is that:  Steak tastes better but takes longer time to cook – a weird analogy, but hey, Chinese people loves to eat and given the opportunity will eulogise about food anytime, hands-down!

On my personal front, if a guy initiate chats with you first thing in the morning, that means he is interested, right? Plus, me being me, I’ve grilled him… I have a kick-ass, Devil-may-care-attitude and whatever conflicting signals he’s giving me, it only means he’s confused… or whatever… Father Time will tell...or whatever… LOL  😉

Here are the summary pictures of our hike today which I took with my iPhone 5s.  Heard that iPhone 6 is on the way – so, yippee – better photos to come! *High Fives Guys and Gals*

For the unfit, the hike is rather tiring since it’s mostly ascent.  I LOVE ascent, walking Up and Up which  really work your booties.  Best to walk upright, lift knees high and stomp up, this puts less pressure on knees but really works the glutes.

All in all, there are 3 falls in Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls…


Bottom Fall


Middle Fall


Scatter Fall

Because we are fit people, we took a longer detour to Kadoorie Farm – to see the fat pigs…

Some wild flowers on route.


White Zephra Lilies


No idea what these flowers are


Views… there were other more spectacular views but I couldn’t be bothered with taking my iPhone out from my backpack… so next time, Peeps! 🙂

The fat pigs…there are 6 altogether. A breed called ‘Da Hua Bai’, formally appointed the Kadoorie Education Ambassadors on August 1 2013 to encourage  visitors to ‘eat less meat’.   (Er… really? ‘Fraid, I can’t do that, I need protein for bodybuilding! :-()


A Fat Pig Called ‘Andrew’

Lunch at Kadoorie Farm Cafe.


Picturesque, outdoor and relaxing garden setting

My healthy organic lunch


Garden Salad + Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk HK$52

A hiking buddy’s lunch, I ‘stole’ the snaps while she went to the Ladies to change…


Vegetarian Omelette HK$32

Family Lunch @ Sepia Restaurant, Sydney

Date of Visit: March 15 2014

If you have been following my Instagram @OutForALongLunch, you can correctly assume that I’m back in Sydney – which I am – and I shall remain for a month for some business and R&R…

4 months away from Sydney, I am looking forward to a Saturday lunch with my family.  So here we are at Sepia (again!)

To kick-off we ordered a bottle of bordeaux (pinot noir) from Le Clementine du Pape Clement 2009,Pessac-Léognan.  We always order lighter styles of reds to compliment our meals so as not to over-power the cuisine.  We are really here to enjoy the food and the wine is only meant as accompaniment!

We ordered Oysters for palate starters (optional choice for $60).  The oysters with ponzu lime juice seriously openned up the tastebuds with the sweet acidic juice to ‘cut’ the very succulent and creamy oysters.






This is a solid one bite wonder. A very dense piece of meat, was thinking perhaps it was cured meat?  I didn’t take note of what the waiter was saying as I knew from my previous experience (post here) that I shall be getting the menu later.  In any regards, it was swordfish rolled in the furikake of flavoursome umami of miso and peppers.


Swordfish belly cured in barley miso, shichimi togarashi pepper, candied ginger


Sheep yoghurt rolled in a sashimi of yellow-fin tuna and sprinkled with green crackling.  The thick yoghurt and avocado are offset by the acidity of ponzu juice.


Sashimi Yellow fin tuna, sheep yoghurt and wasabi, avocado, turnips, ponzu, crackling


A richly coloured powdered of dehydrated rhubarb, beetroot and rye on top of of jelly of rhubarb hiding a mould of cheese under.  Looking ornate like a pile of ruby dust, however as one digs into the pile, the liquidy rhubarb starts to ooze  out.  I took some cross-sectional pics with my iPhone, but iPhone being iPhone, the pics came blurry even though I held my phone very still…


House-made chèvre, rhubarb, beetroot, rye, native violets


House-made chèvre, rhubarb, beetroot, rye, native violets


House-made chèvre, rhubarb, beetroot, rye, native violets

A third into lunch, we were asked whether we would like to take a break by munching on some bread?  Being carb-phobics, we think not, let the flow continues!


This course reminded me that I have to buy some krill oil to take back to Hong Kong… yet also harkens back to the salmon roe rice at Kikunoi in Japan (post yet to be done!) – so stayed tuned! 😊  Basically a very rich risotto rice dish with ‘curdy’ egg yolk, topped with the fishy salmon roe.  I believe a high skill and superior technique is warranted so not to overcook the egg yolk.


Egg yolk and miso rice, smoked salmon roe, wasabi

Finito! A clean bowl to show how I had appreciated this course!



While the others had Spanner Crab


Spanner crab, pine mushrooms silken tofu, yuzu, wakame, freid garlic


…me, being allergic to shellfish – or rather, crustaceans – had Snapper with Salmon Roe.  I love the lovely ensemble of colours, but the fish was a bit over-cooked (a little tough) but the tiny dots of jelly sauces are very flavoursome and mouthwatering!


Snapper, Salmon Roe, Jelly, Baby Radishes.


The wagyu beef were actually thinly shaved slices of beef with a shiso leaf sandwiched in-between.  Despite all the prep, the beef tasted ordinary.😁  The star of this course however, I believe is the tiny potatoes,  mukago potatoes which are a new species.  “Unlike typical potatoes they grow on a vine rather than underground. For this reason some people refer to them as ‘air-potatoes’. Mukago potatoes fall off the vine very easily when they are ripe”. (See more here.)


David Blackmore wagyu beef, oba, daikon radish and citrus dashi, mukago potato


Shiso leaf sandwiched between the slices of wagyu beef


This course exudes ‘Australiana’.   I like the sourish wonderfully tart lemon taste with a hint of grapefruit.  I also loved the red hue of the venison which was very tender. The additional of myoga (Japanese ginger) binds the different elements of the dish well.


Seared Mandagery Creek Venison, pickled myoga, lemon cream, lemon aspen , liquorice

Optional:  Pyengana cheddar, plum wine and apple pectin, sheep yoghurt and apple cream – we didn’t take uo the offer as we were rather stuffed.

EIGHT: Pre-dessert

Well, well, well… this is the first of the 3 desserts.  Mmm… presentation looks kind of similar to course #3.   Frozen ice over jelly, pretty good.


Peach Cream, Raspberry, Yukari


This is a light dessert.  Pumpkin ice-cream with miso is unusual, but the combination went well – sweet and savoury – and a bit herby from the sorrel.  Yuba which is tofu skin seems to be very fashionable as you will see in my Tetsuya’s post later… stay tuned! 😋


Pumpkin and Miso Caramel Ice-cream, Popcorn, Yuba, Sorrel

Licked another plate clean!


Clean plate


The finale:  “Autumn chocolate forest” consisting of soft chocolate, hazelnut and almond, lavender and honey cream, sour cherry sorbet, rose and violet jellies, green tea, liquorice, chocolate twigs.  This is Sepia’s signature – and one that I had in my first visit (here).


“Autumn Chocolate Forest”


“Autumn Chocolate Forest”

Unfortunately, at this stage, I am totally stuffed.  I cannot finish the final dessert.  On a personal note,  although I’m pursuing bodybuilding at the moment, I don’t think degustation is totally unhealthy (but don’t tell my trainer about it as he gets very annoyed – “Char-siu is NOT proper protein!  It’s coated with maltose!”)  Nevertheless, I find the meal to be well-balanced using fresh ingredients which I presume to be healthy – c’mon at  A$175pp, I’d say so! 😏


Complimentary dark chocolate with minty cream centers.  Perfect with a glass of cold-drip coffee from El Salvador ($10)


After-Eights Mints

Overall a very Japanoise-skewed meal with literal uses of supplementary Japanese ingredients.  From my first visit last year, Sepia has transgressed from foam and sashimi to mushy curd and cream which is rather fashionable now (see my post on Sixpenny here).

A Casual Shared Lunch @ 4Fourteen, Surry Hills

Date of Visit: November 20 2013

4Fourteen is another restaurant by chef Colin Fassnidge of Four in Hand (my review here and here) with Carla Jones as head chef .  It opened last year and was the talk of ‘Twitter-town’ – in essence, Fassnidge had alerted the world of the imminent arrival of his new venture on April 6 by tweeting over 8000 times to his 4000+  followers.

The stripped-raw high-ceilinged warehouse space with industrial downlights was efficiently divided into an open kitchen backed with green tiles, white marble island bar, timber wine cave at the back, red vinyl banquettes along the right side of the open-plan room and bentwood table-sittings.   Coupled with brisk and warm service makes this a very smart casual diner.

Since it was a busy restaurant and practically full every night the last couple of times we dined there, we decided to try our luck without a reservation today .  As luck could have it, we got our table and were the lone diners there, thus receiving plenty of attention from the friendly waitstaffs!


Raw ‘edgy’ vibe of mottled walls, industrial downlights and exposed timber rafters


Retro-industrial meets downtown-chic


Pop of colours for the mottled walls: Canvas paintings and Red vinyl banquettes (also fantastic space saver!)

The restaurant menu was designed with sharing plates in mind – ‘Something to nibble; Small plates; Large plates; Salads and starches’.   This is modern comfort food with generous hearty portions.   We ordered 2 small sharing plates and 1 large sharing plates to start.

The House Smoked Mackerel ‘Rillette’ came first, it was drizzled generously with  a very green coloured pesto oil and accompanied by a watercress and sliced radish salad.  The rillette was a very soft and smooth, spreading easily on the chargrilled sourdough bread.  Although rather oily,  it was delicious and make a fine appetiser.


House Smoked Mackerel ‘Rillette’, Lemon Curd, Grilled Bread ($16)

The next small plate was Charred Lamb’s Tongue.  We’ve had beef tongue often enough and decided that a lamb’s tongue will make a nice change.  There were 4 slices of tongue to share together with cos, sliced radishes (again), and a long strip of char-grilled sweet pickled cucumber   The toasted baguettes could were as hard as stiff cardboards, cutting the  roof of my mouth – 👎 .  Nevertheless, my dining companion and I enjoyed the charred  and smoky lamb’s tongue which were tender to the bite.  This is also a very moreish plate rendered by  tahini dressing and the very refreshing mint-cucumber jelly- going well with the smoky charred tongue and pickled cucumber.

I liked the idea of vinegared mint-cucumber gelée and no doubt, I shall be making these at home as cool-me-downs during the hot sweltering summer!


Chargrilled Lamb Tongue, Sweet Pickled Cucumber, Cos, Mint ($19)

Our main was the  Roast Skate Wing Bouillon.  This is a full-flavoured  broth dish, the ham hock imparted smoky saltiness whereas the mussels gave the sweet freshness reminiscent of the ocean – kinda of land and sea collide!  😜  The skate wing was slightly under-cooked so the flesh did not flake off the bone.   All forgiven – no worries – as the soup was delicious.


Roast Skate Wing, Ham Hock Bouillon, Mussels ($34)

Although we were rather full, we could not resist the temptation of dessert…


Dessert Menu

It was tough decision but in the end we chose Roast Pineapple, Coconut and Yoghurt which was ample for 2 to share.  I am not a fan of fresh pineapples, but roasted pineapples is another story – the pineapple was sweet and juicy sans the acidity.  Under the lime sorbet was the creamy yoghurt panna cotta.  Other supporting items to the dish were thick-cut roasted coconut flakes, flaxseed tuile and strips of cucumber -which I normally won’t associate with dessert!  Still, they came together beautifully – taste and presentation-wise!


Roast pineapple, coconut and yoghurt ($16)

It was a fantastic lunch.  The lunch bill came up to around $130 (+1 glass of wine + sparkling water +tips), on par with fine dining prices in the City and not exactly ‘casual neighbourhood prices’, could price be the reason that we were the 2 lone diners in the restaurant that day – perhaps it gets busier for dinners and over the weekends. We shall see!

At the time of posting, 4Fourteen scored 74% out of 235 votes

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My 2nd Liebster Award

Check out Happy Yuan’s answer to my Qs!

My Fun Life

I received a comment from outforalonglunch right after I came back from Hawaii.    She nominated me for the Liebster Award!   This is the second time I got this award.   Thanks a lot, outforalonglunch.    Her blog is filled with interesting stories and pictures of food.   Why don’t you take a look!   Out For a Long Lunch    I’d like to join the award and answer her questions. The logo is different from the last one.


Let me quote the rule from her blog.

“Liebster is an loving German term and that mean ‘sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome’.

The Liebster Award is kind of a pay-it-forward blogger award. The rules are: If you receive one you must answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who awarded it to you, list 11 random facts about yourself, and then come up with your own 11 questions for the 11 bloggers you choose to bestow…

View original post 590 more words

Value Dega Deal @ WaQu, Crows Nest

Date of Visit: October 28 2013

I have driven past WaQu along Pacific Highway, maybe a zillion times.  I had wanted to try out the Japanese cuisine there but had never got around to checking it out until last Sunday evening.  Perhaps due to stiff competitions along the numerous Japanese eateries along the strip, the  establishment is currently offering a 6-course degustation meal at $58, which is $10 off – perfect to spend on a glass of wine to accompany the meal!

For the wine aficionado, an additional $45 will get you 6 different wines to match with your meal which I went for.  Otherwise, a glass of 2009 Dourthe  ‘Terrasse de la Jalle’, a Cabernet Savignon from Medoc, France ($12)  comes highly recommended by my Mom who appreciates robust red wines.  I had a sip, and found the wine to be pleasant with soft tanins (e.g. not bitter and dry).

First up, was my sake – Toyo Bijin, a sake in DaiGinjo-style from Yamaguchi Perfecture, west of Japan. This style of sake is made of highly polished rice – up to 50% – and added with additional alcohol.  It is a light, crisp and fruity varietal that paired well with my amuse bouche and first course to come.

Amuse Bouche for the table was sushi rice wrapped in charred zuchini and Japanese basil. The inclusion of the herbaceous Japanese basil or shiso – as it is commonly known – together with the chopped up hazelnuts gave a unique and vibrant taste that I can only describe as citrusy and nutty.


Zucchini Sushi

Course 1

Soup of the day is chilled pumpkin soup infused in coconut milk and onion with a generous douze of lemon oil on top.  A truly delectable milky sweet soup, with barely a hint of onion.  Paired with the acidity of the fruity fragrant Toyo Bijin sake, the umaminess of the soup is extenuated, thus making this combo akin to an aperitif.


Chilled pumpkin

Course 2

The sommelier, now wearing his waiter-hat, explained the cooking method of Su-Jime Salmon Sashimi which came beautifully plated in a glazed stone bowl with mango sauce, myoga salad, lightly fried wild rice, green tea salt. The raw salmon has been macerated in Japanese rice vinegar to cook and it is akin to Peruvian cerviche without the sourness.  Mango sauce went well with the sashimi . The myoga salad was basically spring onions if I recall correctly.

To drink: 2008 Frogmore Creek, Cuvee Evermore from Coal River Valley, Tasmania


Su-Jime Salmon

Course 3:

Scallops + Beans is a platter of 2 big juicy scallops accompanied by peas of sorts. There was a big broadbean hidden under the prociutto crisp. Light-flavoured peas puree together with peas and yoghurt mousse provided additional richness to the scallops, but I prefered the robust crunchy sweet peas instead.  Not sure about the macadamia nuts dusting though as it rendered itself quite tasteless, but quite made a pretty heap.

To Drink: 2013 Brindabella Hills, Rieslings, Canberra ACT.   Canberra is an emerging wine district, and this riesling is akin to the floral minerally Austrian riesling with good acidity.


Scallops + Beans

Course 4  (2 choices to choose from)

My Bro had the Pan-fried Barramundi which came accompanied with grilled eggplant nibitashi (that means eggplants that have been grilled, then stewed in soy and mirin sauce), cucumber and zuchini puree.


Pan-fried Barramundi

While my Mom and I had the Pan-fried Kingfish.  True to the Sommelier-waiter explanation, the skin was indeed the best part of the fish.  I also enjoyed the salty bacon foam which contrasted well with the bitter watercress puree.  The steamed white asparagus were lightly charred and were delectable to help cut the flavoursome taste of the fish  off my palate.  Not sure about the roasted soba seeds though – but interesting to see they looked like rice! 😜

To Drink: A dry-medium bodied  2012 Hamelin Bay Chardonnay from Margaret River, WA.  A nose of bitter almond and sweet pineapple, it has a hint of cashew nut, clean and crisp without any butteriness.


Pan-fried Kingfish

Course 5  (3 choices to choose)

Bro chose Tajima Wagyu Sirloin Steak, this incurred a surcharge of $8.  The accompaniments were  celeriac puree, rocket puree, apple sauce, potato gratine, mustard seeds.


Tajima Wagyu Sirloin Steak

My Mom chose Roast Rack of Lamb which is accompanied  by purple carrot and almond  puree, mung bean sprout salad, potato confit.


Roast Rack of Lamb

I chose the Thirlmere Corn Fed Chicken Two Way.  The roasted chicken breast was not as tender as I liked, but the skin was fantastically thin and perfectly crispy.  I used the parsnip ginger puree as ‘lubricant’.  The chicken thigh was juicier and stuffed with a roulade with cauliflower and black truffle which smelt heavenly.

To Drink: 2010 Shadowfax ‘Minnow‘, a Cinsault Mataro Carignan from Mornington, VIC which is  herbaceous with a nose of lavender and rose berry.


Thirlmere Corn Fed Chicken Two Way

 Course 6

My final wine pairing for the night was the Ume-no-yado, a plum sake from Nara Japan.  This is an unfliltered sake thus the cloudy look.  It has the honey plum nose as well as taste.  Sweet!



Strawberry x Strawberry x Strawberry signalled the end of our meal.  This is a deconstructed strawberry cheesecake… Strawberry cheese cubes, strawberry mousse, sweet macerated strawberries, sable crumbs, nougat pieces and cream sauce… I especially liked the herb-infused strawberry sorbet which is utterly refreshing, adding a summeriness to the mouthfeel – so let’s not about the unpredictable weather in Sydney now – blowing hot and cold – making me take a lot of guesswork in my ward-robing!


Strawberry x Strawberry x Strawberry


Strawberry x Strawberry x Strawberry

A swig of coffee, a moment to digest, then we are off!

Service was pretty good in general, although there was a hiccup in our reservation.  I booked through Dimmi and received a couple of reminders and even a text inquiring dietary requirements, yet we arrived at the restaurant, our booking was not on the clapboard and raised a pair of well-groomed Japanese meterosexual male eyebrows.  Otherwise, service was attentive whereby the waiters took great pains to explain each dish – in this instance the sommelier was the star!

This is truly an upscale modern Japanese -Australian fusion dining sans the price.


Quick iPhone shot of the moody timber interior.

WaQu scored 84% out of 204 votes at the time of posting

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Join in the Fun! My 2nd Liesbster Award

WooHoo!  I am awarded the Liebster Award by Deb of Hong Kong Fong.

(Thanks Deb!  😘 )

We have been following each other for over a couple of months now.  Deb is an American expat from the States currently residing in Hong Kong, her blog is an interesting personal blog of sorts documenting her stay in the City That Never Sleeps – I especially love her photography – well, she’s a photographer(!) – and her restaurant reviews.  I’ll stop gushing and let you check her blog out!

Moreover, this is also my second time receiving the award,  my first was awarded by Hari of Hari’s Got Tales (here).   He writes lovely Indonesian Peranakan tales and fables – check him out too!


Liebster is an loving German term and that mean ‘sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome

I have explained Liebster Award in my previous blog, so I won’t repeat it again.  Basically, in order to accept this award, one has to:

  • Answer the 10 questions asked of me by the blogger who nominated me
  • Nominate other bloggers to receive the Liebster Award
  • Create 10 new questions for my nominees to answer, should they choose to accept the award

Deb’s 10 Qs to me:
1. What makes you tick?
Deadlines.  A procrastinator like me gets an adrenaline rush from simply panicking!! But once settled, my concentration is undivided.  With my attention totally focused on the task in hand, I produce my ‘best’ work with speed like Speedy Gonzales!  Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale!  (What says you, Deb?  Finally got around to answering your Qs after 1 month?  😜)


Speedy Gonzales
Source: Internet

2. Most memorable travel experience?
A recent trip to Gokayama, Japan where we were holed up in the ranger’s hut in the snow storm.  C’mon, snow in March? (Adventure blog to come! 😜 )

3. Most memorable culinary experience?
I love theatrics.  So a lit-up classic Bombe Alaska is always a treat, still is…

4. Sweet or savory?
Hmmm…Salted caramel ice-cream… Maple Bacon Ice-cream… tough call, but I’ll have both, thank you!  That’s sweet-savory for me!

5. Modern or rustic?

6. Favorite childhood memory, or most powerful epiphany in life so far?
Never trust the nice man in Armani suit“, spoken by a lady Mayor in Iceland – the first country to collapse in the GFC – I believe this was the opening line to ‘Inside Job‘, a documentary on the GFC narrated by Matt Damon.  So, yes, my most powerful epiphany in life so far is never to trust anybody (notwithstanding a financial advisor) with my money!  And don’t buy into any funds! (Been there, done that)

7. How do you define community?
“Community  is a living, breathing, interactive entity where people hold two-way conversations.  There is an exchange of ideas and the  value of this community should become such that one feels privileged to be connected to a like-minded group of people and thankful such a group exists to help others embark on a similar journey to our own.  – outforalonglunch.com”

8. #1 thing to do on your (remaining) bucket list?
I’m guessing going on stage in a fitness competition will always remain the #1 on my bucket list – while high up on my list, I don’t think I will even attempt it.  But a nice wishful thought.  So, maybe a tight 6-pack then?

9. #1 place to visit on your (remaining) bucket list?
I’m slowing working my way through my bucket list. I did Camino Santiago in 2011 and next year, my side-kick gal pal and I will be going on the Inca Trail.  I hope to do all the pilgrimage trails and trade routes.

10. Who is your hero?
There are many nameless everyday heroes and it would be unjust to name just one. So, let’s go with a fairy-tale character. My favourite fairy-tale is ‘Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs’, so I’d pick the Prince who brought Snow White back to life with his magic kiss – and a dash of romance!


Prince Kissing Snow White
Source: Internet

My Nominees are new blogs I have been following since my last Liebster Award – and they are…(drums roll, please)
1.  Yummy Lummy – Dr Gary Lum from the Garden City aka Canberra, his blog focuses on his outings, food and restaurant reviews around Canberra, he also rates the napkins and hygine facilites in the establishments!
2. Suitui pui – Arthur, a popular retired English teacher, the proclaimed Food Mayor in Sibu – the town I’m currently spending much time in – my go-to source for good eats around town.
3. Japan-Hub.com – a terrific and resourceful blog encompassing all things Japan which I truly enjoy
4. Guai Shu Shu  – Kenneth Goh writes a very detailed  recipe blog which I came across when I was reading on Sarawakian food.
5. Chestervizconde – my new friend in the blogsphere.  We ‘met’ yesterday.

Since I had such fun in answering Deb’s questions, I’m going to recyle her Qs!

So Nominees, here goes the 10 Qs!
1. What makes you tick?
2. Most memorable travel experience?
3. Most memorable culinary experience?
4. Sweet or savory?
5. Modern or rustic?
6. Favorite childhood memory, or most powerful epiphany in life so far?
7. How do you define community?
8. #1 thing to do on your (remaining) bucket list?
9. #1 place to visit on your (remaining) bucket list?
10. Who is your hero?

My dear Nominees, DO Spread the LOVE!  Pass the award along!

Hope you join in the fun as much as I do and I look forward to you answers!

Danke Schoen All!